Incision in mouth not closing

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Incision in mouth not closing

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I had surgery on 3/28/18 and since surgery my incision in my mouth on the left side is not closing. It is wide open with bone and hardware showing. I was originally going to be able to be on soft food diet at 4 weeks but now have to wait until 6 weeks to see if it heals. If it does not heal they said they would have to go in and remove my hardware. I'm guessing this adds an even longer restriction and I will be on a liquid diet longer. I did have an incision open on the other side that closed in the past two weeks and a tiny spot in front that showed my hardware but that also closed. I did have complications in surgery where the left side broke while cutting the right side and I lost a high volume of blood. I'm not sure if these complications add to the slow healing or not. Did anyone else have this problem and they eventually healed before having to get hardware out or know how recovery is for getting hardware removed?? :(

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Re: Incision in mouth not closing

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Wowwwww, can I ask where you had your surgery performed?
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Re: Incision in mouth not closing

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Yes, significant blood loss can slow down the healing time. Did you need a blood transfusion?

How often does your surgeon perform orthognathic surgery? Is he/she board certified to perform such operations?

Unfavorable osteotomy splits occur in some 15% of patients and can usually be compensated for, but to have an unfavorable split and excessive bleeding is very rare. It sounds as if your surgeon made a poor cut which resulted in an unfavorable split and damage to the submental or sublingual artery, which caused the bleeding. (Again this is all just from what you stated so I may be totally off).

Is it possible for you to see another oral surgeon to go over his op-report and inspect your mouth?

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