Pre-surgery consult

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Pre-surgery consult

#1 Post by kiwibug »

Hi all,

I finally have a date for surgery after a 5 year wait! Hooray for progress towards getting my braces off!

Just wondered if anyone can give me some ideas of important questions to ask the surgeon at my consult tomorrow? I've made a few notes already, but always good to have ideas from people who have been through it before :) I'm only having lower jaw surgery if that makes a difference.


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Re: Pre-surgery consult

#2 Post by DroolQueen »

You should give a list of the questions you have already decided you’ll ask, I can then add anything I think you left out

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Re: Pre-surgery consult

#3 Post by Pequod »

Definitely have a physical list there so you don't forget anythign, like the above said, write it here and we'll be happy to add to it.

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