Jaw infection after surgery

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Jaw infection after surgery

#1 Post by GreyViolets »

I’m 3 weeks post-op, and I have an infection. Taking antibiotics until I see my surgeon on Monday or Tuesday.

Need some moral support. I’ve gone through so much with the surgery and I’m starting to honestly feel miserable with life. My heart rate dropped after surgery, so sometimes I wish I was gone then so I didn’t have to deal with this now.

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Re: Jaw infection after surgery

#2 Post by drgnfly »

Hey there! I just wanted to offer some encouragement. I'm three months out from double jaw surgery, and I had an infection around the same time as you're having yours now. I took the antibiotics and used the Peridex regularly, and it cleared up by the end of the course of antibiotics.

Hang in there. It really does get better.

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