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Upper jaw surgery or both?

Posted: Wed Jan 03, 2018 4:37 pm
by lmn
I’m 18 years old. I’ve had braces for 9 years. From 4th grade until now. I was supposed to get them off in 11th grade but my ortho waited to tell me I had an impacted canine so that has taken 2 years and the tooth still isn’t facing the right way. It’s very pointy and long so I literally look like a vampire but of course he cant reshape the tooth until the braces come off. It makes me extremely self conscious. My bite is off and I have an open bite. It doesn’t look terrible but you can see the gaps in between the upper and lower teeth when they’re closed. On top of that, my face is flat, I have a droopy nose, one eye squints more than the other when I smile, and one side of my top lip is skinnier and raises more than the other when I smile. After doing research, I learned that I most likely have an underdeveloped upper jaw but I’m not sure about the bottom jaw. What concerns me is that my orthodontist never told me this in all my years of treatment when it could’ve been corrected by a palate expander years earlier. They’ve taken x-rays and looked at them in the past years but have said nothing to me about it. I brought up the fact that there’s gaps in between my upper and lower teeth when I smile and he told me he couldn’t see it and had no idea what I was talking about. I’m bringing up the surgery to him next month and am hoping he actually recognizes my concerns this time. That’s the backstory of my treatment and why I think he’s the reason why my smile is still terrible. So now I'm pushing myself to get this surgery to finally be able to smile without covering my mouth every time. I’m worried Im wrong about just my upper jaw being underdeveloped. I do get a double chin when I look down despite being very skinny. Is that a sign that my lower jaw is underdeveloped too? I’m okay with upper jaw surgery but the thought of both is scary. I just want to get this done so I can finally feel confident and not feel different from everyone else. Everyone around me has nice smiles and I still look ridiculous after 9 YEARS. Do the problems in my smile sound like they could be fixed by a Lefort I? Did anyone that had Lefort I surgery have the same symptoms I had? I just want to know now so I can brace myself if it turns out I’ll need lower jaw surgery too.

Re: Upper jaw surgery or both?

Posted: Wed Jan 10, 2018 2:00 am
by Metalmouth33
You know, no one has a perfectly symmetrical face. Well, almost no one (curse you lucky beauties who will never find themselves on this website).

Hollywood, YouTube, commercials, they all make it seem like we have a worse image than we actually have. I just finished watching a t.v. series and on screen everyone looks so perfect. Then I looked at a real life red carpet photo of the cast, and all of them have something going on. Crooked nose. Lopsided ears. Uneven eyelids. Uneven lips when smiling. Not everyone had perfect teeth either.

My advice? Relax. If your orthodontist doesn't see it then it's probably not something you would want surgery for anyways. Jaw Surgery is painful and risky. And irreversible.

It used to seem like everyone had perfect teeth to me too, but it's not true. It's all in the mind. At 18 it might seem like that, but just watch your peers over the next few years. Everyone is still growing. Some people's teeth are going to go crooked. Even people with perfect teeth will get cavities in them or something else wrong. Really take a look around you. I think you might find that you were only focusing on people with "perfect" teeth, and those teeth weren't as perfect as you thought.

Once upon a time at the age of 19 I had a random stranger ask me if i was a model. What Me? Me and my crowded teeth? No way! Girls used to hit on me back then too. One time I ran into the hottest girl from high school (A small school, but she truly was very pretty). and even she was putting out signs. A girl who is now an actress straight up asked me. Sadly, too many insecurities in the way. Take a hint our of my chapter, try working on yourself.. Even beautiful people will put people off if they come across as negative or feeble minded. And remember, jaw surgery might change your look, but it won't change your DNA. You're not really changing yourself.

Quite a few people, close friends and family, told me jaw surgery was a mistake. But they accepted me before, and they accepted me after. So jaw surgery really didn't accomplish anything except pointing out the real problem (as well as some complications, which is to be expected from such an invasive and risky procedure). Leave jaw surgery alone unless you have serious health problems that need fixing.