Sliding genioplasty during braces?

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Sliding genioplasty during braces?

#1 Post by archpchi »

Hi everyone. I'm one year into braces (since October 2016) and I was wondering if sliding genioplasty is possible with braces on. Is it recommended to wait after braces or is it possible to do it with braces? I really don't like how my recessed chin looks like and I don't want to wait longer after braces to get it fixed.

All help is appreciated, thank you in advance!

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Re: Sliding genioplasty during braces?

#2 Post by Dureena »

A sliding genioplasty won't impact your teeth/bite, so it's definitely possible to have it with braces on.

It will impact the soft tissue position so perhaps could change your orthodontists approach to smile aesthetics? i.e. ask your orthos opinion.

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