Braces before SARPE? Double jaw Surgery? Confused

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Braces before SARPE? Double jaw Surgery? Confused

#1 Post by alisa98663 »

Hey guys!

I was wondering if anyone has any experience with getting SARPE and if you had braces before or after?

My orthodontist told me that she spoke with a surgeon (who I have a consult with later this month) and I will need to have my upper jaw expanded as well as lower jaw moved back (I currently have a class 3 open bite). She said I will have an appliance in my mouth for the expansion after surgery. Well, at this point I knew nothing about SARPE and didn't ask her any questions. However, now that I've done some research on palatal expansion, I'm pretty confused. I'm supposed to be getting braces in two days and this will be the first thing I'll ask my ortho... but I was just wanting to hear some experiences as well.

My ortho at first told me that I am a candidate for invisalign, which I was planning on getting, but after speaking to the surgeon she told me that it'll be better if I'm in braces as that way they'll have more "control" after the palatal expansion (whatever that means). Now that doesn't really make sense to me because the majority of what I've seen online is people getting SARPE, getting braces, then getting a separate surgery to move the jaws.

I'm also thinking maybe I should delay getting the braces put on until I have a consult with the surgeon. The orthodontist had good reviews online, but I didn't really "shop around". I just hope these people know what they're doing....... :shock:

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Re: Braces before SARPE? Double jaw Surgery? Confused

#2 Post by Denise »

I had SARPE surgery on May 17, 2017; I had to turn the appliance for 14 days two times a day, then wear the appliance for 4 months. After I was done turning my dentist put in a fake tooth where my gap was held in by braces. I am now with just braces on top teeth, the dentist is bringing in my teeth and shaving down the fake tooth until I can just deal with the gap. It is a long process .

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Re: Braces before SARPE? Double jaw Surgery? Confused

#3 Post by Konbawa076 »

It's normal.

You can either have the SARPE surgery before or after braces and the double jaw is always after the Sarpe around a year after.

Once I consulted my orthodontist the first time, she told me right away that I needed at least 2 surgery Sarpe and double jaw surgery.

As for braces and Sarpe she gave me the choice, if I wanted to get braces first or Sarpe first. I choose braces but anyway the Sarpe surgery had to be done early. I just got it Monday after only 4,5 months of braces. They just cut the wire between your two upper front teeth.

You should be scared of Sarpe, I felt ok all the time, no pain yet (day 5 post op) swelling almost down to zero.

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Re: Braces before SARPE? Double jaw Surgery? Confused

#4 Post by Vega »

I had braces put on before Sarpe (4 months braces and then SARPE surgery).
At first suggestion I wasn't happy about it, a mouth full of metal (braces and distractor) but I'm happy we did it this way.
The 'hard' part was over quickly this way.

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