Older adults seeking surgery

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Older adults seeking surgery

#1 Post by eefer »

Hi.....this is my first post here. Is there anyone here who is an older adult (I'm 66) and is going through surgery? My upper and lower surgeries were completed in two stages 20 years apart. I had craniofacial skeletal defects that had been partially corrected in childhood (within the limits of available technology). I have since completed fifteen surgeries. It has been long and arduous, but I have made it to the end. I can breathe better, my speech is clearer, the pain in my jaws has abated, my ears don't hurt and my hearing is better, and my face is now symmetrical. :D

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Re: Older adults seeking surgery

#2 Post by EmilyTravels »

15 surgeries!?!?!? :shock:

I am one of the older folks here (just joined recently). I am 56 and had a bike accident in April that fractured my jaw in three places. So my surgery was not for congenital or cosmetic reasons but just to align my lower jaw back to the upper. I was wired together followed by archbars with elastics. Now I'm in the waiting period to be released by my oral surgeon so I can proceed with orthodontia, since my bite is still off from before the accident (but much better than before the jaw-wiring).

I had braces at ages 12-13 as well, back when they were full metal bands on each tooth. Ugly and painful but effective. Now I'm unconcerned about cosmetic perfection but do want functional improvement in my chewing, which is affected by my malocclusion. As soon as my oral surgeon releases me, I'll proceed with ortho consultations.

Will you have to get braces now that your surgeries are complete?

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Re: Older adults seeking surgery

#3 Post by arizonagirl »

Hi, I'm currently going to be set up as a double jaw surgery candidate. I'm 54 yrs old and have been majorally expanded in my teeth by ortho and wires. Would love to THIS IS SPAM REPORT TO ADMIN THIS IS SPAM REPORT TO ADMIN THIS IS SPAM REPORT TO ADMIN THIS IS SPAM REPORT TO ADMIN more here with others who are going thru this. It will be my first maxillofacial surgery and it's quit scary due to me already being "botched" by orthodontists here in AZ. Feel free to send me a PM if you care to share more or respond to this post.

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