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Infection again, I'm really scared

Posted: Mon Jul 10, 2017 5:27 am
by Marriedonmaui
I was given antibiotics post surgery 2 rounds to prevent infection (not sure why two) but developed a small infection anyway. Two iv's, opening site and cleaning, placing a drain and a round of clindamycin. My infection is back and I'm on another round of clindamycin. He keeps saying it's a small infection and not to worry but I'm freaking out. I keep it clean, swish with salt water and use my peridex. This is just another thing in my journey of things going wrong. I don't want to keep whining to my husband but I really am scared. I'm also seriously depressed and anxious over this. He said it's nowhere near the screws but he may remove them anyway. Omg that side of my mouth has been opened four times already. I'm lucky I haven't had any side effects from all the antibiotics. I'm so worried I made an appointment with a therapist to help with the anxiety. This whole ordeal (I've had several complications) really are causing me distress. I hope someone responds for some support.

Re: Infection again, I'm really scared

Posted: Wed Jul 12, 2017 7:59 pm
by Amybraces
That sounds terrible! I do hope you start feeling better soon!!!! Please update us with what is happening, and i'm sure your husband doesn't mind you speaking to him, but if you need to speak to anyone a therapist is a great idea but also we are here for you too!

Re: Infection again, I'm really scared

Posted: Thu Jul 13, 2017 4:16 pm
by Marriedonmaui
Hi- thank you so much for replying. My surgeon was out of town so I took the chance to see his partner for a second opinion on my growing "bump". He said it was a granuloma and it's coming from the screws. He suggests getting them removed. He was very blunt. My regular surgeon suggested he might remove the hardware but it wasn't close to the bump area. He gave me an Antiobiotic rx. Maybe my mind jumped to abcess because he used the word infection and it draining and I'd already been down that road. He's more notulant about describing things, I need to be more proactive. I'm sooo relieved it's not "true" infection but not excited that that side of my mouth will probably be opened again. It will not go away on its own. I had my first set of plates and screws removed once already. Had a second set of screws placed and wired shut. Four pill rounds of antiobiotics and two ivs just makes you assume the worst.I want to thank thank thank you for your kind words. It's been a really tough road, I hope yours has been smooth. I'll have to read about it. :D

Re: Infection again, I'm really scared

Posted: Tue Aug 29, 2017 4:56 pm
by samas
Hey Married,

I replied to your other thread, but seeing this now I see your bigger story.

How are you doing now? Is your infection cleared up?