Double jaw surgery and genioplasty at 35

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Double jaw surgery and genioplasty at 35

#1 Post by Fluffyblueberry »

Hi everyone,

I've had braces for 18 months now and have been on the waiting list since Jan for surgery!! I am really nervous about it off and on, but I am looking forward to how it will all look when it's finally finished. I was offered the surgery at 18 and always regretted not having it.
My main concern is aby nerve issues, as they did say the location of one of mine was in an awkward position or something, that it could potentially be more likely - but that it should only result in a small patch of numbness should it get any damage. Anyway, I thought I'd just make my first post!

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Re: Double jaw surgery and genioplasty at 35

#2 Post by RachF »

Hi Fluffy,

I am having double jaw and genio this year too. Hopefully getting put on the waiting list today. Where are you that has such a long wait list?

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Re: Double jaw surgery and genioplasty at 35

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I am 35 and scheduled to have surgery this year as well. I am just not able to decide on a surgeon as its really hard to place all this trust on somebody. I have done a lot of research online and consulted with a bunch of them but have a hard time deciding.

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