Sore lip after BSSO

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Sore lip after BSSO

#1 Post by sadchipmunk88 »

2.5 weeks after BSSO I'm still experiencing a really sore, dry lower lip that feels like it's really swollen (although it's not especially noticeable to look at admittedly).

Did anyone else experience this? If so, what if anything gave you relief and how long did it take to go away? I've tried a couple of different lip balms and Vaseline, piling it on like there's no tomorrow but a short time later it just feels like the desert again.

Not sure if it's related but I still don't have full feeling or motor control of my lower lip (still experiencing the occasional burning/itching sensations in my chin so hoping this is a positive sign of things coming back - I saw the surgeon a couple of days after surgery and he assured me that the nerve was fine intraoperatively so I had hoped it might be better by now - hoping I just need to be more patient!)

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Re: Sore lip after BSSO

#2 Post by Jbird »

4 weeks after my chin is numb, my upper lip is stinging, both lips very dry, can't feel my nose, gums can't feel parts, I'm just extremely uncomfortable. Taking Tylenol 3 at night and tons of ibuprofen. Wonder how long this lasts. Each day is a tiny bit better than the day before. Swelling not bad. I've been using some cream for after care of a tattoo that is all natural. Seems to last a while. Maybe try A and D ointment.

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Re: Sore lip after BSSO

#3 Post by LunaX »

Dry lips are common after surgery, make sure you're hydrated and try exfoliating your lips in the shower by lightly brushing them with a toothbrush to get rid of dead skin build up, afterwards apply a chap stick or balm, and reapply often, this really helped me a lot.

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