Insurance Approval!

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Insurance Approval!

#1 Post by Lala082008 »

Just wanted to check in and say my insurance finally approved by BSSO surgery! I'm in shock, because it seemed like they would NEVER approve it. I have BCBS, and was initially denied. Then on the courtesy review, which happens prior to an appeal, they decided they would approve it based on my TMJ and headaches. The process actually only took about 2.5 months, which I think is fairly fast. I think what helped getting the approval was following my surgeon's advice by getting a letter from my family doctor about why I need the surgery. I also had a letter from my surgeon, went to PT for several months, got an MRI, and saw a neurologist, and had all these records provided to insurance. These reasons were also listed in the approval.

Anyone else getting surgery in mid-June?

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Re: Insurance Approval!

#2 Post by snapdresser »

Congrats Lala!
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Re: Insurance Approval!

#3 Post by Ravenclaw »

Congratulations on your approval. I hope everything goes well.

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Re: Insurance Approval!

#4 Post by sirwired »

I know that when I got that envelope from Anthem, it was like I had been accepted to college all over again.

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