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Hi All. I just got word for my oral surgeon that orthognathic surgery is in my future. I have an overjet of 11 mm once the crowding in my lower jaw is removed. I'll have two lower bicuspids removed and IPR on the upper jaw. The current plan is to do lower jaw surgery though it may be possible that the upper jaw will need some work as it's canted and asymmetric as well. I have severe TMJD and I'm trying to plan this all around a pregnancy. I'm excited and scared in the same breath.

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Welcome, sarahjacks! You're in for quite a ride and I think you'll find this forum to be a good resource throughout it! Good luck!
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Looks like we are on the same trajectory! Good luck!

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Hi and good luck! I had my double-jaw surgery about 18 days ago. It was a major surgery, but honestly I'm recovering extremely well and the pain was less than getting wisdom teeth out. After the first couple days my biggest issues just become annoyance at difficulty eating anything. So don't worry!
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