Surgical clips left after surgery?

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Surgical clips left after surgery?

#1 Post by braces101 »

So I visited my surgeon the other day for my 3 month appointment (post double jaw surgery) and he took a few x-rays.

He showed me the screws, etc in the x-ray and also pointed out 2 small metal staple objects near my temple area and said that in case I was wondering, they were just clips to control the blood flow during and after surgery, not to worry about them. According to him they are normal for anyone who has had any head surgery. I looked at some x-rays online and haven't seen these clips anywhere...

I'll first point out that I've been very happy with everything so far and other than the fact that this is an overall brutal surgery, the recovery has been very smooth with almost no issues. That said, I didn't really realize until I had left his office but these clips do freak me out a little.

Can anyone else tell me if this is really normal and if they can cause side effects? Would the blood flow still be blocked and is that a problem?

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Re: Surgical clips left after surgery?

#2 Post by Nozzelnut »

Interesting; I've never heard of them. I don't know of others that have mentioned them and I've seen my xrays; I don't have any clips.

Maybe there was some extra bleeding they couldn't control any other way.
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Re: Surgical clips left after surgery?

#3 Post by scarface19 »

Never heard of these clips. Do you have any side effects from the surgery? like numbness or higher sensitivity in some areas?

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Re: Surgical clips left after surgery?

#4 Post by braces101 »

Nothing that I would understand to be out of the ordinary.

Everything has gone smoothly so far. I was just curious if anyone else had seen or heard of these. I guess I should just try to forget about it and trust my surgeon knows what he's doing. At this point I have no reason not to.

Not a lot of info that I could find online about these, except that they are routine for some certain surgeries. Some people seem to think they have caused them issues but evidence I have seen is anecdotal at best. ... 56379.html ... pping-1178

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Re: Surgical clips left after surgery?

#5 Post by glennstanzalone »

Yes I have one in my lower jaw and upper jaw, I guess its to seal off some vein or artery?
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