double jaw surgery ruined my face?

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Re: double jaw surgery ruined my face?

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supersadrn wrote:Same thing happened to me, I'm in my mid 20's now 2 years out of surgery. I have those exact problems and more lol, you can read about my results here: ... 15&t=51844

"My from teeth don't show, my upper lip got longer but narrower, I have bigger nose but worse - it is crooked my nostrils are different size and one is higher than another. also when I smile one cheek is much higher than another, I look like a monster"

Get plans to fix your face RIGHT NOW, don't fall for the "wait until the swelling goes down 6 months later". This is how your face will sit AFTER swelling goes down, I look like this 2 years later, same problems. My mom became hysterical for a couple months because of how ugly I became after surgery compared to before. Get a revision ASAP, I'm not kidding girl, if you wait the results WILL NOT CHANGE OR GET BETTER.
That's probably the most irresponsible post I've ever seen on here and goes against what virtually every surgeon recommends. Everyone, please take what this person said with a grain of salt. They're trying to diagnose and recommend treatment without being aware of your specific situation.
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Re: double jaw surgery ruined my face?

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I had the same surgery over 20 years ago and my face is still asymmetrical. In fact, I found your post while searching for a surgeon to re-do my face. My upper lip on the right side is thin while on the left it is not. My face appears lopsided. Everything you describe about your face is the same way mine is. I may get brave and post a pic. When I had the surgery I was going through a lot of emotional turmoil. My orthodontist offered to "fix" it for me but I didn't want to admit at the time that anything was wrong. My teeth were shaved down to get my jaws to meet properly. The whole thing was a disaster, and just to fix a stupid overbite which wasn't really fixed much. If I could only go back in time...sigh I also still have a tight feeling on the left side of my jaw/gums which I assume is nerve damage.

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Re: double jaw surgery ruined my face?

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Hey Op, how are you doing now? Just wanted to let you know I am going through a similar experience. It really sucks I know. I really hope things might have gotten a bit better for you now.

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Re: double jaw surgery ruined my face?

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Hi- been reading this thread all morning. I can totally relate. I had palate expansion and bsso. Worst mistake of my life. It’s been one year of constant complications and pain. I have Permenant nerve damage which manifests as over sensitivity. I have to take medication for nerve pain. The palate expansion destroyed my nose. It is huge and crooked. Vertically my lower third of my face is too long. I still have my braces on and have been having a lot of blistering and peeling the last two months. I had allergy testing done and I’m allergic to one of the metals in my braces. Yippee one more thing going wrong. I see my dentist and orthodontist together this afternoon to see how to proceed. I am at my wits end. I cry everyday not exaggerating. It’s taking a toll on my marriage and not to be dramatic but my sanity as well. I’m going to therapy but I can’t stop blaming myself for ruining my face and my health to fix something that may or may not have happened in the future.

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Re: double jaw surgery ruined my face?

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Marriedonmaui - I can relate, and I did the other option for a class 2 - retraction with extractions. I feel exactly the same way you do!! I'm reversing it in favour of expansion and Bsso -_-

The retraction really altered my upper lip form to such a degree, I could not identify myself. I cry every day about how I look because it simply isn't me. The retraction has messed uo my jaws and it aches 24/7. You are not alone even though I know it doesnt help much to know that.

It is one hell of a challenge to accept a changed face and some of us are hugely sensitive to it. Especially if the changes were not indicated to you.
It can be a very isolating experience but in time things will get better. Always here if you need to talk :)

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Re: double jaw surgery ruined my face?

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Sorry it’s been awhile. Our neighbors above us had a small fire which turned on the sprinklers and our condo is a complete water damaged mess. I have come to terms with my face. I cannot undo it. I have bigger fish to fry.... I just found out my jaw didn’t fuse on one side. Surgery again! I have had so many complications. I have my braces off. The area below my lip sticks right up to my teeth and I keep getting my bottom lip pulled in between my upper and lower lip. It is raw and the saliva is chapping my lip so bad it’s very painful (surprisingly so for such a small thing) It’s been over a year since patale expansion and almost a year since bsso. The altered sensation/nerve damage feels a bit better but I’m on an ungodly amount of gabapentin. If you are an older patient like me (42 at surgery) please do your research on some of the things that go wrong more often in older patients. I can’t advise you either way but do your research. What does your surgeon say about doing these other surgical procedures? If you are missing premolars how will be able to reverse what you have to get bsso? Just curious :) thanks for the offer to talk just don’t want to be a downer or scare those that need surgery. It can be great, just not in my case. Still think this was the worst decision of my life!!!

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