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Lower Surgery Only

#1 Post by specky »

Hello! I'm only having lower jaw surgery, and like I mentioned in another thread about summer surgery buddies...I feel like most people have double and so there are only people's experiences with double to learn from and hear about. I'm just wondering if anyone has a story to share about lower surgery. Tips? I've read through the things with what recipes to try, what to buy for post surgery...are there any specifics that are good just for lower? I will be having BSSO and on a liquid diet for 4 weeks.

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Re: Lower Surgery Only

#2 Post by EWUgal15 »

I had BSSO only!

A lot of what you read that you should buy for double jaw surgery applies to lower only as well. You probably won't need to worry about nasal spray or anything to help with breathing through your nose as your nose and sinuses won't be affected much (if at all) by the surgery. If you look for the November Surgery Buddies thread started by sizerpro, I detailed quite a bit of my thoughts/feeling/experiences there.

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Re: Lower Surgery Only

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Hi Specky,

Have a read of my blog http://faysbracesjourney.blogspot.co.uk/
I was BSSO with mandibular setback. I'm just over a year and a half post surgery.
It's weird, it feels like it was so so long ago now but I still ahve moments when I'm eating someting and I think 'wow! I can eat this now but I could after my surgery'

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