Has Anyone had Plate Removal?

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Re: Has Anyone had Plate Removal?

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Tilly and Arvensis, did you have any side effects (additional numbness, nerve damage, damage to teeth or tissues) during the plate/screw removal? Also, was all of your hardware able to be removed? Was it done under local anesthetic or in operating room? If OR, how long was the surgery.

I am trying to decided whether to go for full removal of all hardware after 10 years (both jaws) which requires surgery or just remove 2 plates/screws on top that are infected under local anesthetic.

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Re: Has Anyone had Plate Removal?

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I had mine removed after a year under general anesthesia at a hospital. I was extremely swollen for 3 days but most of the swelling subsided within 2 weeks. I am one month post now and there is stiffness and numbness in my chin and one side of my upper lip. My skin is still improving and “draping”. I hope I feel more like myself in another month. The surgery took about 45 mins and my insurance statement says 26k. 😀 I had a total of 4 plates 16 screew out from the sides of my nose and two below my chin area (between premolars). Honestly I’m concerned about the numbness. I was numb in these same areas during initial surgery and it subsided in a couple months

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