Post surgery panick

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Post surgery panick

#1 Post by JawSaw93 »

Hello! I'm one week post lower jaw advancement. Prior to surgery my doctor informed me 5% were left with chronic numbness, where age played a role. I am 21. I woke up with full numbness in my lower lip and chin, it seemed as if my surgery went on for longer than expected. The doctors told me everything went as expected, although he moved my nerves around a lot, he said they were intact. The last days I've had an intense nerve pain in my chin. My chin and lip are still numb. Which I thought was temporary and the nerves waking up. Until I googled myself into a state of panic after reading up on a plethora( of (often older) people having jaw surgery and ending up with years on years with incurable pain and burning. I guess I'm just looking for some experiences with the same gasoline and matches chin pain that are not entirely depressing and worrying. Is this normal and will it pass? Sincerely, Ivan.

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Re: Post surgery panick

#2 Post by jaime »

It is still extremely early on for you and everything you described sounds normal to me. Bring them up with your surgeon next time you see him, but at this point so soon after surgery, pain and nerve weirdness are normal.
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Re: Post surgery panick

#3 Post by Nozzelnut »

Yup, what Jaime said.

Expect the nerve sensations to get weird and intense over the next couple weeks, with some potential lingering numbness for up to a year. The muscle spasms are crazy too. Nerve regrowth is the slowest part of the whole surgery.
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Re: Post surgery panick

#4 Post by zoina »

Hi Jawsaw93

Same happened to me, starting from the 1st week i had pins,needles,burning sensation, you name it and numbness to the touch and temperature. It is too soon as the others forum members said already.
Personally i took this as a good sign you just have to be patient and somewhat get used to this sensation.
I am 2 months post-op and that senation have stopped almost completely and i have some feeling back to what first was numb. I can feel temperature changes and a weird feeling when touching like vibrating or electricity traveling through that spot. I think it is going to change for the better but it's a slow process. Two months for me and i'd say is still early. Be patient +\+

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Re: Post surgery panick

#5 Post by snapdresser »

I concur with Jaime and Nozzelnut. I think you'll be just fine. Hopefully you learned your lesson about exposing yourself to horror stories :lol:
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Re: Post surgery panick

#6 Post by JawSaw93 »

Thank you all for making me feel better ! :D

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Re: Post surgery panick

#7 Post by JawSaw93 »

Went to see my surgeon who was surprised I had nerve sensations to this degree, and said it was not normal, however it would pass. The burning continues 24/7 and keeps me up and night and gives me a bad day. Surgeon suggested I take for Valium, but I'm afraid I'll be hooked on them as they tend to relieve my anxiety. Any tips ?

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Re: Post surgery panick

#8 Post by Marriedonmaui »

I know this is old and you have probably "graduated" from this forum but I'm curious how things ended up. I also have this experience, currently on pain reliever gabapentin. My surgeon was surprised as well. I'm scared. Hope you are feeling better.

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