August/September surgery buddies

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Re: August/September surgery buddies

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At (nearly) 4 weeks post op I can only open my mouth about 1 finger's width. Jealous of those of you who can open more!
I'm supposed to be on a liquid-only diet for 6 weeks, but have been going a bit crazy, so adding some non-chew soft foods that I can swallow whole. The baby spoons made from silicone have been a big help shoving food through the tiny space between my teeth.
Still numb on the right side of my face, from below my eye to my upper lip, as well as my chin (have some feeling but it's not "normal) and gums.
My face muscles are starting to function more normally, which is a relief.

Question - my top lip is looking a bit... puckered? I asked the surgeon about it and he said it might change as swelling goes down but I'm starting to worry it's due to how the stitches were done in the nasal area. Anyone else have anything similar??

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Re: August/September surgery buddies

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Hi anonimess , you had double jaw surgery,therefore it's normal that you cannot open your mouth as much because you need more time. I only had lower jaw and it feels half as weird, i can guess. than those who had double jaw surgery. As for your lip, don't worry for it, at least not yet, it is too soon to tell. I for once am still going down on swelling, everyday i see a small bone definition on my face that was not there yesterday. But it is a very slow :-Z :-Z recovery so be patient.
Food wise i am eating whatever i can mush :lol: i am officially done with blending, i can't take anymore liquefied food :yuck: ,even though i am not chewing ,i enjoy more a mushed food,holds more taste. We went to a restaurant and i ordered a traditional food where i live, duck leg roasted with red cabbadge on the side (kind of like a sauce with gravy and red cabbage) and dumblings! I cut the meat in small small pieces mixed with cabbage and mushed the dumblings + beer :dance: :dance: :dance: loved it so much!
Ah the good life of a jaw surgery patient :soremouth:

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