How long was it (after BSSO) before your sensation returned?

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How long was it (after BSSO) before your sensation returned?

#1 Post by Tka »


I had a BSSO + genioplasty (I'm two weeks post-op as of today), and the right side of my lip (and chin) are almost completely numb. I've had a small degree of tingling in certain areas, and there is a TINY amount of feeling left, but I'd say it's around 90% numb, and it hasn't improved (yet). My surgeon told me the risk of permanent numbness was about 10%, but I've seen anything from 5% to 30% quoted online.

Some people say after a week their sensation began to return, others say ~3-6 months. My surgeon said, IF it's going to return, it could be up to 18 months before it comes back fully. The prospect of it staying this numb doesn't particularly concern me, to be honest, but I'd like to have a general idea of how others progressed.

So, to anyone else here who has had either a BSSO and/or genioplasty: how long was it before you began to regain some feeling?

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Re: How long was it (after BSSO) before your sensation retur

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I had double jaw surgery nearly 7 weeks ago, and when I first woke up I was almost entirely numb from the eyes down. A few patches on my lips came back within a day or two, but there's been gradual improvement ever since. There are some areas that are completely back to normal, and others that are nearly normal. There are also a few areas (but not many) that while still numb, do have some sort of weird reaction/sensation. I continue to notice differences every few days, although I don't seem to get the random skin crawling and itching so much now.

This whole recovery thing is a long process isn't it, lol! It's still early days yet though so I wouldn't worry about it too much - there's a lot of healing going on in there so you just have to let it do its thing :) Congrats on getting your surgery and good luck with your recovery!



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Re: How long was it (after BSSO) before your sensation retur

#3 Post by sparkles »

I had BSSO (mandibular setback) and wisdom tooth removal (on right hand side) on 5th September 2014.

Initially I was pretty much numb my whole chin and lower lip but could feel a cup along the length of my lower lip so I was ok for drinking. I had a very numb bit almost in the centre of my chin.
I had quite a lot of nerve pain, tingling, burning, cobwebby feelings.
Looking back through my blog, I first realised that I was getting some feeling back at Day 61 post surgery. I kissed my husband goodbye in the morning as he went to work and it felt different, really different. When I did a touch-test I found that I could feel touch across half my chin but not across the other half (right hand side).

Since then, I'd say I have about the width of 2 fingers from the centre towards the right down my lip and chin of what I am calling altered sensation. I can certainly feel touch, but it feels weird. I can't really feel sharpness. Putting on lipstick feels weird.
But I don't really notice it too much unless it is very cold (always wear a scarf when I go out now) or I'm eating certain foods like grapes or pork.

I'm definitely still numb along my gumline. I feel like a hamster after I eat food as it all collects between my gum and my inside cheek. I can't feel it's there.

I've been told that if any sensation not back in about a year is likely to be permamently like that.
My surgeon also told me that it takes a month for 1mm of nerve to grow back and it starts growing from the brain to the jaw.

It also depends on how much the nerves in your jaw were handled, bruised or if they were cut.

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Re: How long was it (after BSSO) before your sensation retur

#4 Post by Nadira »

I am at 8 weeks today from BSSO.
Within days I started feeling itchy, I even felt a very weird itch on my chin in the recovery room. Then on to tingly and zaps and went through a very painful stage at 4-5 weeks.
Now I still have tingly numbness lower lip and chin, this area is getting smaller. Not as intense - today.
I expect in a year I will gain as much feeling as I will get.

I also find I can store a snack in my lower lip as I can not feel bits of food there.
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Re: How long was it (after BSSO) before your sensation retur

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I'd say I had mine fully back within about a month.

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Re: How long was it (after BSSO) before your sensation retur

#6 Post by divelizard »

Hi, I am 42 and I had a BSSO and Genioplasty 13 months ago, I am still numb and tingly in the top half of my chin, lower lip and the front section of my lower arch. None of my specialist team has confirmed my suspiscions, but other forums are saying that if you don't have your feeling back by the 6th month mark, then your numbness is likely permanent, but I am not ready to run up the surrender flag yet, I believe anything is possible, and if what I have, is what I have to live with for the rest of my life, then its going to be pretty crappy.

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Re: How long was it (after BSSO) before your sensation retur

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For those that are having some long term numbness; don't give up hope.

I cut/nicked my radial nerve while at work and my skin went numb on the back of my hand; from the wrist to my the right half of my middle finger the entire back of my index finger and half my thumb; and the space in between.

Some feeling came back in the first couple months but most didn't come back for several years. I could feel things like modest pressure but no light sensation at all. It can come back; it just might take it's time.

Other folks have had some success with acupuncture stimulating the nerves. Worth a look if you're out of traditional options.
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