double jaw surgery decision making - new to all this!

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double jaw surgery decision making - new to all this!

#1 Post by mameem »

hi there,

I've been lurking on here for a while now, and just actually registered today and decided to post my issue.

here's my story:

I'm currently 36. When I was 11, I had a bridge put on my top right back 2 molars to prevent the last molar from growing any further while the bottom molar erupted. It was suppose to be on for about 1 year...but for some unknown reason it was not removed for 5 years.

I believe that is where my jaw issues started. In my mid teens, my tmj started...with bad clicking almost any time I open/close my mouth, especially while chewing. Lots of headaches through my life since then.

Once I turned 25/26 I noticed that my teeth were slanted. I ignored this at the time, but it was always there on my mind. Once I turned 32ish, I noticed it was getting worse, and that it was actually my jaw that was slanted, as opposed to my teeth. I have always been conscious of it and hide my smile. I finally have gotten help with my tmj, as it has progressed and now locks a lot, especially in the morning for about 15 minutes. I get nasty temporal headaches, and my face feels fatigued. I do have a night guard (that has been altered thinking it was making things worse, but it's not). I am a clencher. As you can see in my pics, my right cheeck joing (not sure what it's called) is way bigger then the left. The cant appears to be about 3mm. My jaw is getting tmj is getting worse.

I have recently been to the dental surgeon who has said that my jaw is canted and suggested 2 options:
1. double jaw surgery
2. bandaid camoflouge with crowns/veneers

He said that if I go with the camoflouge option, the cant may get worse and I'll need the surgery any way in a few years.

Since he gave me those options, I have been able to think of nothing else. I feel in my heart that I want to just get it fixed with the surgery. I'm not really a young pup any more, and think that if I wait for 10 years the recovery will be more difficult. The price for the veneers/crowns will be the same as the surgery process (about $5000 for combo veneers/crowns), ($1500 for surgeon/ $3000 for braces), (surgery is covered in Ontario by ohip).

I just don't know what to do. I'm really at a loss. Any input would be greatly appreciated. I have attached my pics.

[URL= ... a.jpg.html][IMG] ... d05bba.jpg[/img][/URL]

[URL= ... 7.jpg.html][IMG] ... 8e95b7.jpg[/img][/URL]

[URL= ... f.jpg.html][IMG] ... ed4c4f.jpg[/img][/URL]

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Re: double jaw surgery decision making - new to all this!

#2 Post by kelse »

Good luck to you.

I'm 38 and have full metal braces top & bottom to treat class3 maloccusion in preparation for double jaw surgery.

obviously everyone has a different point of view but mine was protect my teeth from damage from poor bite & improve efficacy of bite and rebalance jaw.

I felt the sooner I got on with treatment, the longer I have to enjoy the results!

Hope you reach a decision you are happy with soon.

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Re: double jaw surgery decision making - new to all this!

#3 Post by Anna5 »


If I were you I would follow my heart and go for the surgery, especially because you have quite severe health problems because of this (headaches, tmj problems, maybe self esteem issues?). I am even afraid you don't have much choice, because otherwise all your issues may get worse....
But before committing to surgery, I would at least get another opinion from a ortho and a surgeon. Is there really no way this can be solved without surgery? (with TAD's ed). Orthodontics has advanced a lot in recent years, so you never know....
But if surgery is really the only option to get all your health issues fixed, I would go for this.....
I feel for you however, and wish you lots of strenght and good luck.

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Re: double jaw surgery decision making - new to all this!

#4 Post by mameem »

thank you so much for your replies! I really appreciate it.

Over the last few days I have come to the conclustion to go for the surgery. I have contacted my ortho surgeon who will get me over to the orthodontist. I'll talk to him about TAD's.

Another thing that has bothered me is my small smile. I barely show any teeth when smiling unless I force my smile wide. When at rest and talking no upper teeth are visible at all. After some research, I see that this can be a side effect of a canted jaw, so I plan on talking to my surgeon about this as well at our next visit.

Thank you for the support as I start my journey. :)

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