Is this normal? Post double jaw surgery.

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Is this normal? Post double jaw surgery.

#1 Post by Corrinne »

On the 4th of September I had bimax and genio for an underbite. My swelling was little, I had no bruising and I seemed to be healing far quicker than is normal. Until last night I had pretty much stopped taking pain killers.

Then last night my pain started increasing - I put it down to chatting too much that afternoon. My left side jaw joint started aching like crazy and my chin (the only place I've yet to regain sensation) has been tingling like mad. I assumed that the increase in pain was a combination of 1: chatting too much and 2: the nerve regeneration is just making me more aware of pain that has been there all along.

Then this morning my right hand 'smile line' at the side of my nose (roughly where I imagine the titanium plates are located) has swollen up. It is noticeably puffier than the rest of my face. The swelling is puffy and not roock-hard though. According to google if it was infected it would be a hard-swelling.

My stitches are still there but it all looks fine and there doesn't seem to be any signs of infection.

What I'm asking is: did anyone else have an increase in swelling 2-3 weeks post surgery? Is it normal?

I called the hospital and the on-call doctor said not to put any heat near it and call them if the swelling increases. Which I suppose is sensible advice, but I'd still like to know if what is happening to me is normal.

Any advice?

Oh, also, is it normal for only one side of your jaw to ache? Why is my left jaw joint so sore and not my right?!

I'm so confused!!! :( I'd be grateful if anyone out there can put my mind at rest :)
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Re: Is this normal? Post double jaw surgery.

#2 Post by BracketBaring »

It's probably normal. I would notice changes in swelling from time-to-time. It would be going down steadily and then all of a sudden, I'd wake up in the morning with more swelling on one side (also by the nose, where the plates are). I think it was from the position I slept in. However, I also experienced sudden swelling at one side of my lower jaw at 6 weeks post op. It was really firm to touch, and located where I assume the plates/screws are for the BSSO. After 2 days, I called the doc and he got me right into his office for exam and x-ray. He said everything looked solid, and the swelling might be from blood trapped behind the tissue (like a hematoma), and he advised me to try heat and then massage a couple times a day. He also put me on an antibiotic just to be safe. I don't know what it was for sure, but after 2 days from when I saw him, the swelling subsided in that area. It's been 11 days now since that episode (I've been off the antibiotic now for 4 days), and the swelling has not returned.

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