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9 days post op and I love my results! Photo *link*

Posted: Fri Sep 13, 2013 2:20 am
by Corrinne
I am 9 days post double jaw surgery, reduction genio, turbinate removal and septoplasty and my results are incredible!
I HAD a HUGE and hideous underbite (of 1cm!) couldn't bite through anything correctly and now I have a perfect bite (not in use yet though obviously!).

I'm so happy. I look so much better and my profile is loads better (gorgeous!) *blushing*
I've had such little swelling and bruising that my surgeon and family were amazed. I feel very lucky. I'm still a little swollen, but I'm doing very well.

You can see my before and afters on my blog

I tried to post photos but they won't work - I think they are too large??

For my whole life I have felt ugly and not good enough and now when I look in the mirror I feel pretty. It's how everyone should feel. I was bullied dreadfully when I was younger and those memories are difficult to let go - even as an adult. But now I feel that I Can finally move forward and be happy and confident (and say f-you to all those bullies).

All the pain and discomfort is absolutely worthwhile, so to anyone out there still considering having jaw surgery, you should do it. It really is life changing!

Moving my upper jaw forward had caused my lower septum to tilt to the left a little (apparently this is reasonably common result of moving upper jaw forward especially as mine was a huge move). It has made my septum crooked a little but my surgeon will 'trim it and fix it' when I'm healed from my jaw surgery. But even with this I still look so much better, I don't look ugly any more :) but everything else went perfectly.

So happy!

Re: 9 days post op and I love my results! Photo *link*

Posted: Fri Sep 13, 2013 6:45 am
by stunner
You look amazing! It's an inspiration to read your blog and your post here. I have double-jaw in 10 DAYS. And I am much older than average for this procedure.

I too am excited and hopeful. Thanks for sharing and I will be following your progress. You look and sound like you came through it well. I do note that not everyone seems to endure the discomfort or have the optimism that you share. I read one blog and thought either she's got a serious low tolerance threshold or she's a bit of a whack job to start with.

Thanks for sharing yours. I've found this forum amazingly helpful and I know I will keep it at my fingertips. Pre and post op. Hell, I will probably have an iPad strapped to my hands during surgery.

Thanks for showing the pics too. I really helps. You do look amazing and very pretty.

Re: 9 days post op and I love my results! Photo *link*

Posted: Fri Sep 13, 2013 7:36 am
by Corrinne
Thank you :)

How much older are you if you don't mind my asking? I'm 29.

Good luck with you surgery - you must be excited! :)