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#1 Post by kelse »


I am new to the board & wanted to introduce myself.

I am 37 and in consultation for braces followed by surgery on upper & lower jaws due to a class 3.

Have enjoyed reading everyones posts so far and look forward to gaining advice & sharing my experience as things progress.

It's daunting, terrifying and exciting in equal measure!

so, anyway - "hi!" :D :-1

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Re: newbie

#2 Post by casydee »

Hello! I'm new here myself :) There is a ton of information available here.


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Re: newbie

#3 Post by nauna28 »


I am also a noob. Going to meet an ortho this week (Wednesday) for a consult, and have another consult in a couple weeks.

I will be heading the surgery route eventually as well. I have a 10mm overjet and was told when I was 9 that I would require surgery.

Good luck to both of you in your journeys, I will look forward to updates from you!
nauna28 <3

First Orthodontic Consult 18/09/13
Second Orthodontic Consult #2 02/10/13

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Re: newbie

#4 Post by lis773 »

I'm a first time poster as well. Double jaw surgery was recommended to about 6 years ago but I wasn't happy with the orthodontist or surgeon and didn't even proceed with braces (which I wanted/needed for other reasons). Anyway, I'm now almost 30 looking to improve my smile and bite and want second and third opinions about the surgery aspect!

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Re: newbie

#5 Post by AntWalkerCook »

Hi all, another new person on here :) Braces for 2 years then surgery to fix my underbite :) I got told about this from another jaw-surgery friend and hopefully there will be plenty to learn from this :)

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Re: newbie

#6 Post by maravilla »

also a newbie who recently got braces, am also going to get jaw surgery to fix my overbite + jaw asymmetry :D :D

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Re: newbie

#7 Post by JeniK »

Good Morning and Welcome to all the "newbies"!!!

This is an awesome place of information and support!!

Sounds like many of your are having surgery. I'm not a surgery person. Just braces. I have clear on top and metal on the bottom. And So happy I have finally started this journey.

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Re: newbie

#8 Post by kelse »

Great to hear from so many fellow newbies. Looking forward to sharing our journeys. :thumbsup:

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Re: newbie

#9 Post by Gibson1962 »

Hello everybody.
I am a new user and I am surprised about the surgery options in modern times. Unfortunately I do have An end-to-end bite which is not recognised until my 40s. My former dentist did not believe my story. Now I have well preserved molars but highly eroded incisors. With composites we manage to get a more or less stable situation. When a surgery had been Done in time, my teeth would have been almost perfect...

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Re: newbie

#10 Post by Noella »

I'm new as well. Had lower jaw surgery and genioplasty in October to help correct my cross bite!

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Re: newbie

#11 Post by rocker »

me too

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