Loose teeth????

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Loose teeth????

#1 Post by shutmymouth »

So My upper left bicuspids and incisor were loose. My OS not only moved my upper jaw forwared but widened it.

basically he made a cut on the side of each of my incisors. The teeth on the left near that cut are pretty lose. tbh all of the teeth in the front inbetween those two cuts are lose, the two on the far left are the most "wiggley" to quote my Ortho.

Is this normal? She said that she would contact my Surgeon but I haven't heard from her? Should I be worried?

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Re: Loose teeth????

#2 Post by Sams »

Hi Shutmymouth, I'm afraid I don't know about it myself, but a quick google shows that yes it is a concern but it is also treatable and even simply resting the affected teeth (!?) will firm things up. Back to a liquid diet maybe? :shock: My new bite means that my upper incisor is now being pressed on quite heavily when my bite comes together which actually makes the tooth feel like it can now move. I'll be getting that checked out at my next appt!! Sams

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