dental bonding options

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dental bonding options

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I am going to need dental bonding before I get braces this fall to enlarge 2 small teeth and repair the chewing surfaces of several other teeth that have been worn down from grinding. I am then slated to have upper/lower jaw surgery.

My hope after all of my treatment is done is to get my teeth whitened but of course I will then need to get all of the bonding replaced to match as you cannot whiten the bonding. I am a bit worried that removing the bonding and then reapplying it again after the whitening will remove too much enamel from my teeth/put my teeth through too much undo stress.

Are there any temporary bonding options that I can do pre-braces that won't require a whole lot of labor on my enamel to remove once I decide to have it replaced with permanent, whiter bonding?

Oh, and I know I could do all the whitening before but I'd rather do it after for several reasons I won't go into.


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Re: dental bonding options

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Dan, there are no materials that are used for lower bond-strength bondings. You can perhaps consider having these bondings done in a lighter shade now to try to limit the need for replacement bonding later. Your dentist will always try to preserve your enamel, since it is essential for the long-term success of bonding work.

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