Impacted Canines?

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Impacted Canines?

#1 Post by Danielle18 »

I am going in for my consultation this month to schedule my canine exposure surgery. I got my braces on in October 2010 and my ortho wanted me to wait until my teeth were staright before having the surgery. So now it's time, he wants me to do it ASAP. I will probably schedule it for begining of April and am very nervous to see the results immediatly following (AKA my missing baby tooth and gold chain). I was hoping someone would have a positive story about their impacted canine surgery. It seems like the only stories I find on the internet are unsuccessful.

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Re: Impacted Canines?

#2 Post by Racquel »

I just had my surgery yesterday so I don't know the end result but I was also afraid of it not working so I did some research on the internet and even read someones story on here about someone who was 55 and he was successful. But as for the surgery I only have my #6 impacted but i can barely feel the chain. I lost my baby tooth when I was about 14 so I've had a space ever since so that wasn't new to me. But I don't know if you have a spring in front of your canines or not but with that I think my space is a lot less noticeable. As with the pain I'm alittle bit swollen but im in barely any pain, they gave me vicodin and I've only taken one since yesterday morning. I also had my wisdom teeth removed at the same time and I think that's worse than the exposing and bonding was! Good luck keep us updated! =)

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