removal of plates

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removal of plates

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does the surgeon remove the plates etc. in the hospital and do they put you to sleep also?

and if i dont ever get them remove, what will happen?

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Re: removal of plates

#2 Post by chipmunkcheeks »

generally, the plates are never removed unless a problem exists.

i have (had) 7 plates and 31 screws from my surgery.

however, one screw (we thought) was quite visible in my lower jaw when i opened my mouth. it was round and protruding quite clearly. the surgeon decided to take it out since it's my face and was noticable.

he removed the plate in his office and i was put to sleep for the surgery; not intebated or anything like that, but i dont even remember asking at some point to keep the hardware because the nurse gave it to me as i left and i didnt know why originally. it ony took about 20 minutes in all. it took several days to recover, but i was used to having stitches in my mouth.

it turned out that the screw was intact and quite deep down in the jaw bone and so the surgeon was glad he decided to put me out as opposed to just gas and novacaine because it was hard to get to (my jaw was sore for several days because of this). the bulge was from scar tissue, which he also removed. he took the plate and screws because he was worried that if he just scraped it, the scar tissue would return.

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