Finally...Some progress pics!

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Finally...Some progress pics!

#1 Post by chicago29 »

As many of you know I've been an active member on this message board for over 2 years since I started this journey of orthodontics and jaw surgery. I have taken SO MUCH from this message board, and now I feel it is time to give something back to the people that are out there like I was over 2 years ago...lurking on this board and wondering whether or not to go for it.

I am posting some links to before/after pics that document the journey I've been on. I'm posting these because I want to show people what can be done with modern orthodontics and orthognathic surgery.

Here is my bite and profile before surgery. I've seen many cases on here, but I think I may win the prize for being the biggest disaster when starting out :lol: ... directlink By the way, I know things are bad, but I don't know what that brown spot is on the left lower canine... ... directlink

After 18 months of braces and 2 jaw surgeries, here is where I'm at: ... directlink ... directlink

I am probably about 3 months from being debanded assuming everything goes correctly in fine tuning my bite. I'm crossing my fingers!!

Hope these posts encourage somebody out there to go for it. If I can be fixed, there is hope for you!!!





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#2 Post by chicago29 »

By the way, the pre-surgery bite pic was taken 2 days before my first surgery (SARPE and MSDO) immediately after my top and bottom hyrax expanders were placed. So, that's why you see the bands and wax balls!!




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#3 Post by VikingGirl »

Wow! What a difference! Your results are absolutely amazing!

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Wow, wow and wow!!! Congrats to you Chicago! You look amazing! :D

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#5 Post by WiredRunner »

Your results are incredible! I can't imagine how different/better things must be for you, congrats!!
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Wow congratulations! It's totally worth all the pain and discomfort in the end, isn't it? :)

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nice! :D.......

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#8 Post by Broadway Bill »

Wow, Chicago...

those are some the most dramatic results I have ever seen. What was your total time from start of all treatment until now?


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#9 Post by chicago29 »

Thanks everybody...It means a lot to hear those words and see the light at the end of the tunnel. Sometimes I still don't believe I embarked on this journey...

Just to provide a bit more detail - I was butchered as a kid by a quack orthodontist. My case should be looked at by any parent that is questioning their child's orthodontist or wondering what to do in the situation of having misaligned jaws. I clearly should have had jaw surgery when I was 18, but I got so messed up that I had tremendous fear of ever seeing another orthodontist. I just ignored the problem until one day I just said "I'm going for it"...

So far, this is probably the best thing I've ever done in my life. And, I don't even have the braces off yet...

Broadway Bill - I had my first surgery on 2/4/09, was braced on 5/4/09, and had my bi-max on 9/15/10. So far, I've had about a 21 month sentence. The current guestimate on debanding is possibly around Xmas, but more likely January or February.

Once again, thanks to everybody for their kind words of support!





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#10 Post by NervousNewbie »

Wow... absolutely amazing. I can't imagine how happy you must be. Fantastic results!

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#11 Post by Broadway Bill »

Chicago, it is wild that your sentence has been so (relatively) short and yet the results so impressive (and life-changing, I am certain).

I was braced 4 YEARS AGO this November. My surgeon thinks another year or so in braces after surgery, so all in all about 5 years (if all goes as planned). And I am certain that, overall, the results of my surgery will be not nearly as dramatic as yours (although I can already say that this has been a totally life-changing experience).

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#12 Post by Izzy1979 »

wow amazing. I think you may have gone from "under my league" to "out of my league" ;)

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Those are some amazing results. Thanks for sharing.
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#14 Post by Rodney008 »

Very impressive Chicago! Great results!

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Just brilliant, chicago. And thank you so much for posting. You are an inspiration!
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