is this common

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is this common

#1 Post by shanalouis »

is it common to not be banded shut at all after surgery?

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#2 Post by dvdrdiscs »

Not sure if it's common but I've heard of it before. Of the cases I've read that don't get banded or wired, it's lower jaw only. The plates basically is what is securing everything in place. Even then, I think it's quite difficult to open the jaw wider than what it would take to eat soft foods.

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#3 Post by Chefflaco88 »

I had double jaw surgery and was not banded shut. I had elastics to train my jaw muscles to the new position but I could open my mouth wide enough to get the tube on the syringe into my mouth immediately after surgery.

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#4 Post by sarahorsomeone »

I think it depends on the surgeon; I've just had double jaw surgery and I wasn't banded or wired at all for the first week (only thing stopping my opening my mouth wide open is that it pulled on my stitches and caused bleeding!), no splint either.

Now I just have a very light elastic on one side to help stop my muscles pulling my lower jaw back into an a-symmetric position (which seems to be working well). I might have more elastication for fine-tuning, but only like you would with braces normally. So far everything seems to be fine, and I seem to be having a lot less trouble recovery wise than a lot of people on here!

I'd be a little worried considering everyone else seems to be banded shut after a double op but my orthodontist usually works with the more difficult/complex cases at the hospital and he says my surgeon is the best he's ever worked with. My surgeon is the head of department at a specialist hospital too, so I'm sure he knows what he's doing.

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#5 Post by Hyrule »

My current surgeon for sarpe told me that he doesnt band shut his patients anymore when doing that kind of surgery. He told me that the materials he use are strong enough to hold the jaw in place without the need of beeing wired shut. He also told me that patients are able to open their mouth about an inch the day after the surgery.

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#6 Post by chicago29 »

I was banded shut for 5 days, and then put into light/medium bands...which I am still in and probably will be for another week or two.

It seems to me it is increasingly common to not have any bands at all. More and more people post on here that they have no bands, no split...just the internal fixation.

I wouldn't worry about this, ASSUMING you are confident in your surgeon and they are experienced.





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#7 Post by OhioM »

I was banded for about 24 hours after my upper jaw surgery. He would have left them on longer but I was having breathing issues when I was asleep.
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#8 Post by shanalouis »

i am afraid of not being banded shut...................... :?

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#9 Post by WoodWillow »

I kind of think I would be as well...

I meet my surgeon for the first time this coming Thursday. I am curious what his plans are!

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#10 Post by Majid »

Hi every one,

I just joined 'archwired', and so this is my first post.

I've been receiving orthodontic treatment since May 2007, and have just had bimaxillary osteotomy (29th September 2010).

I had braces for 2 years before it became evident that I'd need surgery to fix my mis-aligned jaws & slight under-bite. At which point, I went from an orthodontist practice to a dental hospital/oral surgery institute. Nearly a year & a half after that I'm on day 9 post-op - surgery would've been sooner if only I could make up my mind up as to whether I wanted the surgery or not, earlier.

Anyways, introduction over...I just wanted to reply to this particular thread because I have not been banded shut nor elastics nor anything. I came out of the surgery with only my braces. I hadn't done much research pre-op on the net, and so when I came to find out that people were being wired shut I was bewildered! - my surgeon told me that kind of thing never happens anymore. I thought people weren't banded shut full stop? Only thing which I knew of is elastics, which he said I didn't need.

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#11 Post by Broadway Bill »

My surgeon says no wires for me after upper and lower surgery. He said that he might use some light bands for 5 days or so, but nothing more. I will also have a splint, of course, and I assume that will do roughly the same thing as bands or wires as far as keeping things shut tight.

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banded shut

#12 Post by chipmunkcheeks »

once again, i feel like i got the shaft on all of this surgery stuff...

i was not banded when i woke up, which was a surprise, but the next afternoon they got me good! i was heavily banded at all times besides eating and cleaning for 8 weeks after lefort I, bsso, genio. Then i wore some sort of configuration of rubberbands on my teeth for MORE THAN A YEAR (july 08-aug 09) after surgery. And they only had to let me go cuz i was debanded on the bottom!

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