When did you start seeing your "final" result???

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When did you start seeing your "final" result???

#1 Post by scguy85 »

Hey people

I am 16 days post-op and I am still really swollen with chipmunk cheeks, a swollen chin, and a swollen lower jaw. It makes it so I can barely make out my final result because everything is just puffy.

When did everyone notice the swelling had gone down to the point where it was minimal? I don't mean when it completely went away, just minimal.

Also, I heard arnica gel helps - is this true? What other methods have people used for post-surgery swelling in the weeks/months after surgery?

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#2 Post by theKurp »

Without stating what kind of surgery you had it's impossible to draw parallels about recovery time.

That said, I am 11 days post-surgery for mandibular advancement. The swelling is almost completely gone.

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#3 Post by trish222 »

hi scguy85,
I'm 6 months upper, lower and genio and I can still notice swelling around my cheek area. My recovery has, it seems, been very slow. I started to really see difference in appearance at 4 months. My smile is still a little stiff in the lip area. Everyone progresses at different levels, just don't get discourage too early. I would sit and stare at my face looking for the swelling to dissapate. Definately didn't work-Hope you enjoy the results, I'm sure you will.

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#4 Post by scguy85 »

theKurp - I had upper, lower, and genio. Right now I'm on day 17.

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#5 Post by ORTHO12 »

I heard walking helps swelling go down, being active.

Doesn't help it go quicker, as in knock months off, it will still take 6months + for it to completely disappear but it helps it for the day.

Things like arnica and stuff like that, I tried but it did not seem to do much, however the cooling gel provides a nice feeling on the skin, stops it feeling so tight.

I am 5 months post op my cheeks are getting bigger but I think thats because I'm having to put on weight and not down to swelling, but saying that I have never had full cheeks even at my normal weight so not sure what to make of why my cheeks are this way really but everyone now seems to think I am 10 years younger than I really am.

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