"Feeling" the screws through your face/gums?

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"Feeling" the screws through your face/gums?

#1 Post by brendan »

I can feel 2 total screws.

Above my upper left molar i feel a little nub through the gum
Also where the nasolabial fold meets the nose, i can feel another little nub

Is this normal?

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#2 Post by queenofoverbite »

It might help to clarify a bit.

What type or orthognathic surgery did you have done?
How long ago was/were your surgery/surgeries?
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#3 Post by brendan »

Upper / Lower jaw surgery in April 2009

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#4 Post by Marisama »


I can't answer your question but I have a question for you. You had surgery with Dr. Gunson right? I'm planning on having surgery sometimes in the future with Dr. Gunson. Are you completely satisfied with your outcome? Well, besides the reasoning for this post. Profile? Sleep Apnea? Small Airway? TMJ?



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#5 Post by trish222 »

hello-I had upper, lower and genio in July-while I haven't felt any screws one of my customers that had the surgery 8 years ago said she can push on jaw line and feel screws. She said no problems with it-just odd feeling. Sounds like it may be somewhat commmon. I am anxious to see how many people respond.

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#6 Post by boatsink »

My supervisor had orthognathic surgery 10 years ago. She brought her hardware to work yesterday to show me. She had some small screws taken out as some made its way through the gums, but also has some screws and plates intact. When she pushes her fingers/tongue along the gums, she can feel the plates. She has a great smile, btw =).

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#7 Post by Zonergem »

I had Upper & Lower in March 2009 and early next month I'm going back to have a Sliding Genio and to have screws and plates removed. My screws are quite prominent - they're very easy to feel under the skin around the base of my nose.


I'm going in on Feb 3 to have the some screws and other hardware removed and also have a sliding genio done to correct the balance of my face, which hasn't really come out all that well. :roll:
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#8 Post by ORTHO12 »

I was meant to have every single piece of hardware removed next month, the surgeon said he would like to at 6 months post op but am not because I am having a revision, but will get it removed after that.

Can't really feel it unless I look for it but the ones in my lower I can kinda notice more because where bone was overlapped that bone sticks out and then the hardware is on top...surgeon said he will remove the hardware and even out the bone...but I declined because I do not trust him that much after my 1st surgery will get my new surgeon to do it.

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#9 Post by ReneG »

I had lower jaw advancement done on Jan 12. I still have slight swelling but I can feel the plates and screws along my jaw. Unless I lose a LOT of weight and start looking gaunt, I doubt the hardware will ever be visible.

There has been no mention of removing the hardware but I would really not have to go through another surgery to remove them unless it was really necessary.
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