my journey,frustrating and depressing

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my journey,frustrating and depressing

#1 Post by candycin »

I have had a few people PM me with questions so figured it would be easy to tell you my journey and the mountains still ahead of me..
i had double jaw surgery on november 27th,spent one night in the hospital and came home for the first 3 days of hell. I was never in any pain ,swollen discomfort,tingling and my lips were so swollen i couldnt close them for 3 weeks. after 3 weeks was out in removable bands and put on soft foods, mashed potatoes never tasted so good!!! i had one bracket come off the tooth at the OS assured me it wasnt a big deal and must have been bumped during operation.
Chirstmas came and i seen the OS on the 22nd and everything seemed to be getting better by this time i could eat soft food fork mashed and life was good, i had a dull ache once in a while, and i could open enough to get one finger in and move it a bit up and down. i was on the road to recovery.

On Dec 30th while brushing i noticed that my lower braces on the right side bottom seemed loose, like i could almost move the whole segment from the back bracket to the canine tooth. one of thise brackets was holding my elastic band to help my jaw heal. i called the OS they were closed till the 4th and called the ortho same thing. Figured no big deal, as the week went on and i could see more and more back there as the swelling went down i found that i had at least 5 brackets off back there.
i called the OS on the 4th and had an appointment for the 7th when he came back off of holidays. I woke up the wed and felt some return swelling on that side and some slight pain.
i went to see the OS in the morning on the 7th and told him i had some pain and he could see and feel the swelling. Told me that the brackets being off my teeth for almost 2 weeks had caused an open bite on that side,my back molars were no longer meeting, and that the strain in the bone and msucle would cause some discomfort. BUT that i needed to get those brackets on ASAP. SO i left there and walked into my ortho's office and they took me right in.He had NEVER seen this happen before, and painfully replaced all 6 brackets. I called the OS and talked to him directly and he told me not to put the bands back on for the weekend and see him monday.
that saturday night i woke up in the middle of the night with SEVERE intense pain on that side.Felt like an infection, throbbing pain that hit a 10 most of the night. I called sunday morning the emergency number at my OS's office and the on call dr called me in a perscription for antibotics and tylenol 3. I started them right away.
Seen the OS that monday morning and he said he doubted infection as there was no sign inside my mouth as well as no hard spots but told me to continue taking the meds just incase, he still figured it was the bone and muscle reacting. He replaced bands so that i was almost closed once again. I told him that once in a while i feel like a shifting tightening feeling and it seems to happen more at night. He said he thinks it is a muscle spasm and that it would bound to happen as the muscle was being pulled back now with the bands now that those 6 brackets were in place. he gave me over the counter muscle relaxants and told me to take advil. he did admit that this was all new as he had never had a patient that this had happened to before. at this point when i take the bands off i can barely open my mouth again, i am stiff and sore.
For the past week i have had several severly painful muscle spasms that feel like an elastic band tightening and letting go in my side, mostly at night. The pain from these spasms lasts for up to 45 mins and then aches for hours after. i havent slept through the night in over a week and am lucky to get a total of 3 hours of sleep all night. During the day the frequency of them is less but i constantly have an achy right side. I am slightly swollen and back to eating very soft strained food as the act of even putting fod in and bringing it back to swallow is painful.
i can open my mouth a bit more but not enough to get a finger in.
I see the OS on tuesday morning and am going to demand that something is done. I think he should do a CT scan to see what the heck is going on in there. This pain is intense and is starting to effect me during the day as i dont sleep. I run a homedaycare and already took 5 weeks pff post op and cant afford to take more time off. To top it all off i am a single parent during the week as my husbands job is 2 hours away.

i am sorry if this sounds like i am whinning as i know there is probably people with worse issues then this i just needed to vent and get my story out there and see if anyone has had anything even like this happen to them. At 7 weeks post op i know i should be better then this and the depressing thing is I WAS and now feel like my recovery is going backwards.

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#2 Post by blindboarder2008 »

sorry to hear you are having so many bumps in your recover, i've had some bumps but they seem to be slowly smothing out now. however i still have some weird pressure feeling on the left side but the os is keeping a close eye on that. sending you along some best wishes and happy healing and healthy thoughts!!!!!!!!! hope you get it all straightened up soon. no worries about venting on here!!! sometimes if we write what is going on it makes us feel a bit better because we've released some of our thoughts. keep us updated and lets hope your os does something for you on tuesday!!!
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#3 Post by descantus »

Just wanted to say hang in there! Sounds like you've had terrible luck in the timing of your problems, but i'm sure that once your OS get you properly in hand you'll be on the mend again in no time :)

As for whining, that's what this board is here for! We can all empathise with what you're going through.
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#4 Post by candycin »

thanks for your support
it means the world to me,,,,i dont know anyone else that has had this type of surgery so although my family and friends support me they just dont get it!!! the response i normally get is do you regret doing the surgery now? ask me in a year when i am healed and better with a great profile and awesome bite!!!! :lol:

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#5 Post by Audra »

I'm sorry to hear you are having such a hard time, and having both the OS and orthodontist say they have never seen this before can't give you a very good feeling. I'm sure that as professionals in their field, they will sort it out and a year from now, you will be doing great.

Hang in there. I hope things turn around for you really soon.


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#6 Post by queenofoverbite »

I am not sure- is a CT scan the best scan for this?
Also, saw a recent study on the news about CT scans giving a lot more exposure than recently thought and being a big health risk.
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#7 Post by sauerkraut »

So sorry to hear you're having such a tough time, candycin. I really hope those docs can sort things for you very soon. Hang on in there, and vent on here whenever you feel the need!
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#8 Post by PJ »

I am so sorry to hear you are suffering so much pain, Candycin. Have you tried putting a heated wrap on your jaw when you have the spasms? Might help some. I sure hope you can get this resolved soon. Please let us know--and, of course, vent all you want! :)

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#9 Post by candycin »

sometimes i wonder if there is permenant muscle and or nerve damage done to the side of my face
i always have pain there now about a 4 most of the time
hits a 10 if i have a muscle spasm and sits about a 7 at night when i try to sleep
i was never told that there was a risk of this
i have constant pain in my gums and at the place where your upper and bottom gums meet, to my temple and into my ear
then when a spasm hits it all gets worse
it is very scary and not sure what if anything can be done

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#10 Post by candycin »

yes i have used a heat bag,heating pad and a hot wet face cloth it does help a timy bit. i also am constantly trying to massage my right side as the OS told me to
one more night and hopefully some answers

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#11 Post by ORTHO12 »

Sorry to hear you are experiencing so many difficulties post surgery....wishing you all the best in finding some answers and having relief.

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#12 Post by candycin »

another long painful day
i had at least 2 severe muscle spasms and had about a level 5 pain all day regardless of taking meds
my gums and the bone above my teeth in the back also hurt
the whole right side hurts and aches and throbs
i am not looking forward to going to see the OS tomorrow as he has a way of downplaying my pain and making up excuses for it without really be helpful..

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#13 Post by Audra »

Something you may want to research and try is magnesium phosphate tissue salts. It's available at health food stores in several forms, although I've only ever used it as a cream. It is said to be helpful with spasmodic nerve pain, among many other things. I find it extremely helpful for lower back pain and menstrual cramps. I think it could really help with what you are going through also. There's a lot of info if you google.


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#14 Post by ElenaM »

This is absolutely awful. Good luck with everything and please keep us posted on how it went.

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#15 Post by Noam »

After reading such threads it's frightening to think that some people are doing this surgery just in hope for getting small improvements in facial aesthetics ! (like me).

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