Mandibular Advancement, insurance, post op pain etc

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Mandibular Advancement, insurance, post op pain etc

#1 Post by fkyeah12 »

Hi guys,
just thought i'd share some 'positive' feedback on lower jaw surgery after reading a few horror ones.

I had a 7mm mandibular advancement last tuesday the 15th September.

I must admit i was pretty sh1tscared myself, you just have to have faith in your surgeon. They have done this procedure many many times after all and they did study at university for several years, keep the positive thinking up. Call me crazy, but i was able to find a real-life video of the procedure so i could see first hand how it was done. The first time i watched it i felt sick and said there is no way i am getting that done. But i think after a while you get used to it and once you are able to face the fact that 'this is how the procedure is done' then you learn to accept it and then accept that your surgeon is qualified in this type of field. they are experts remember.

All i remember was getting wheeled into the operating theatre by this big hairy guy where the surgeon and other people were all ready to go. the anaethatist put a needle in my arm and said ok you'll fall asleep shortly and thats all i remember, literally.
The next thing i knew i woke up in that same bed. my whole mouth and face was numb but my tongue itself was ridiculously numb even for the next 4-5 hours. I was in good spirits when i woke up and was suprised that i could actually speak. You will have these two drainage tubes coming out of your neck which look like your something out of an alien movie but they are just there to help drain fluid from the surgery area. these are only left in for a day until they remove them. the tubes are tiiiny and when they remove them they just look like you've popped a pimple and they go away in like a day.

Alot of people say they are scared about waking up and vomiting, well i was a lucky candidate for that. although it wasnt straight after waking, they gave me this fowl tasting liquid stuff for inflammation which i spewed up about 5 minutes after taking. My stomach didn't like that considering i was on an empty stomach to begin with. Don't stress, you aren't going to choke on your own spew i promise.

So far it's only been 5 nights since the surgery and i honestly feel great. I was given panadein forte for pain killers, i have only had 2 out of the massive packet and it wasn't for pain, it was to try and get to sleep. I might have been a rare case but seriously... there was no pain!!
Swelling was pretty bad for 3 days after surgery but keep icing your jaw every 20 mins and then off for 20 mins etc and i truly believe this helps with swelling immensely.

Anyone out there who is worried about losing weight, i recommend going and buying some supplements like multivitamins, iron, protein shakes etc. I personally bought some mass gainer stuff cause its full of carbs and protein and fats etc which all assist in helping your body heal, including your bones ie. Your Jaw!

As for the insurance aspect (I live in sydney australia), my health fund covered the entire hospital expenses however i had to pay a substantial gap (out of pocket) amount. My surgeons fee was 7,000 and the anesthetist chick was 1,500. Medicare pays back approx 960 from the surgeon fee and about 400 from the anesthetist. Health fund pays back about 1,300 from the surgeon fee and about 400 from the surgeon fee aswell. All up i am out of pocket around 5,000 but that seems cheap compared to some of the prices people in the forum have stated.

so anyway, if there are people out there worried about having this particular type of surgery done (lower jaw advancement)... don't be!! It really is not bad at all.

Pain = none
Swelling = minimal and decreasing every day
bite results = fantastic. Although the surgeon said my bite needs a few months of 'fine tuning' from my orthdontist, the feeling of biting on your back teeth and everything feeling 'correct' and 'aligned' is truly a good feeling.

If you have any questions or whatever just let me know

Good luck !

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Great info and glad you had such a good experience!! I find it so neat to read through everyone stories because it all so different in several ways but that makes for an exciting read I think. There are also some similar parts that we all at some point go through and I think its great there are so many of us out there willing to share our various jaw surgery stories!!

It seems to me that there have been lots of posts with lots of encouraging information as of last and wondering if that warrants putting it up as a sticky note to make it easier for new comers and old ones to find and read when they would like to? what do you all think??
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Re: Mandibular Advancement, insurance, post op pain etc

#3 Post by sunshinelover »

My doctor told me that he is going move forward my lower jaw length of 7mm too. Were you having the surgery to treat sleep apnea too?
I worried that 7mm isn't enough for this surgery to worthwhile on treating sleep apnea.

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Re: Mandibular Advancement, insurance, post op pain etc

#4 Post by snapdresser »

I'm getting it for sleep apnea, Sunshine! I was told they have to move everything forward about 10mm to get the best sleep apnea results, for what it's worth. That's coming from my surgeon, but she's not super familiar with sleep apnea cases and that's just according to the literature she's read.
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