what should i expect..........

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what should i expect..........

#1 Post by knockuout7788 »

my surgery is in a few months, will my face look completely different/normal? will orthognathic surgery reshape my whole face or part of it? i'm really anxious of the outcome. someone please explain to me what i should expect to look like. etc.......

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#2 Post by PJ »

What kind of surgery you are having? I can only give you my experience, which was with Lefort 1 and BSSO. The day of surgery I looked swollen--especially my lips and my cheeks. Within 3 days I had a nasty purple bruise on my chin that spread down my neck as time went on. My nose and cheeks continued to be swollen for weeks--giving me a Miss Piggy kind of appearance, that I was less than happy about. Now at just over 5 weeks post op I have less swelling, but still don't look quite normal. I was told it could take as long as 6 months for all of the swelling to be gone. Most people wouldn't know I had anything done, though--except those who see me all the time.
The plus side--my teeth now meet (no more open bite), no more gummy smile, and no more double chin--that was from my chin not being out as far as it should have been. So, I have a somewhat more defined profile. It really depends on what you have done, as far as how you'll look--but if you have a good surgeon, they should be able to give you a computerized view of at least how your profile should look after surgery. I'm assuming this is something you need to have done. Try not to worry--the vast majority of people who have orthognathic surgery never regret having had it. :) Btw--I also had sleep apnea--the major reason for my surgery, besides correcting the open bite, and it seems to be cured now. :)

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what to expect?

#3 Post by mannab271 »

Well It's been 9 months since my Lefort I and BSSO with rigid fixation and bone grafts, I think everyone is different. I personally was swollen from my bottom eyelids down. My nasal cavaties were numb and so swollen sleeping was hard. I think my swelling is just now fully going away 9 months later. My dentist saw me for the first time for my cleaning since surgery about 1 month ago and he said It lookd like my cheek area was still a tad puffy. But now, I'm looking at myself and sometimes feel like a different person. My friends say I look different from the eyes down. But People that see me everyday, coworkers, myself don't see much of a difference.

Just make sure you have plenty of fluids to drink and lots of positive reinforcements...Im 28/female and I got really depressed and frustrated with my swelling due to the uncomfortability of it all.

But I'm living proof.....It's WORTH IT!

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#4 Post by knockuout7788 »

yeah but i wanted to know if my face would look different...like will it reshape it etc.

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#5 Post by palht »

Perhaps your profile will be different (for the better, and the degree of change depends of what type of surgery you will have). Also your smile, your lips will change a little bit. Again, it differs each case.

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#6 Post by tazzle »

knockuout I hope this may answer your question ...... if you have a bite that is so much off that surgery is needed to put your teeth where they need to be then yes ..... your face shape will probably change.

where and how does, as others have said , depend on which jaw you are having the surgery on and how far it needs to move. You cant move the jaw without affecting the overlying structures. Most of us having surgery do it so that not only will we function beter, we sincerely hope to look better too. The aim of all the surgeries is to have a face that it proportionate and in alignment.


to answer about YOU and share experiences it would need to compare like to like ... therefore the need to know what operation you are hoping to have and where your face shape is NOW



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#7 Post by knockuout7788 »

ok thanks. i really want my face to be proportionate..........

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