How long after surgery before you are up and moving around?

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How long after surgery before you are up and moving around?

#1 Post by carcan »

I am scheduled to have my mandibular advancement surgery at the end of this month. I'm starting to get nervous b/c after reading some posts it sounds like i'll be out of comission for a while. I'm a mom of 2 ( A 3yr old and a 2 month old) . I'll have help for the first week but after that i'm pretty much on my own ! How long until i will be up and functioning?

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#2 Post by ohmyjaw »

You will be functional after a week, but you likely won't have your normal energy levels back for quite some time. Most people take about two weeks off work, but some take longer. It might be a good idea to have someone available on a sort of "stand-by" basis for one more week, so that you can call them in if need be.

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#3 Post by TinaAH »

You'll be up and on your feet, for things like bathroom and quick showers within a few hours. In the week that follows, you'll be able to be up and make short trips (like to the corner store, etc.) - but you'll find that you get tired pretty fast. I'm about 2 1/2 weeks post-op and I still need about an hour and a half mid-day nap to revive, but pretty much back to all my normal activities.


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#4 Post by TwitBerry »

I agree with TinaAH. A few hours after surgery, I was moving around the house pretty well.

On the days that followed, daytime sleepiness was my biggest problem. I think that this was directly related to any difficulty I had sleeping the night before. I found it so uncomfortable sleeping upright. Physically, my energy levels were pretty normal and was able to resume household work with little problem.

Everyone is different, though.

Another thing that I think helped was that I did not take any of the heavyduty pain killers. These can actually make some feel worse, causing nausea/vomiting and sapping energy. If you're not feeling much pain, I think it's best to avoid these.

I am now 10 days post op for the lower jaw only, BTW.

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#5 Post by TinaAH »

Another thing I recommend is that you get plenty of protein. It really does help with the healing process. You can get Ensure or any of the drinks that body builders use that have extra protein and vitamins.


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#6 Post by PJ »

I'm just 2 weeks post op and went back to my job walking dogs today. I did 7 dog walks and felt fine. The first week is the worst, but it gets much better after that--at least it did for me. Btw--I am 45 years old. Oh, and I think the biggest thing that helped me was getting as many drugs out of my system as quickly as I could--the hydrocodone and Ambien seemed to do me more harm than good. Good nutrition--Ensure, coupled with as much solid stuff as you can force down, will help you get back up and going sooner. And try to maintain your normal sleep pattern--don't stay up until 4am just because you can. :)

Good luck!

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#7 Post by monarch »

The first week for my son was pretty rough. At exactly the one-week mark, we saw a great improvement, and he improved rapidly from then on, and in less than two weeks was pretty much back to normal, except of course for the hassle of trying to eat, LOL...

Good luck! :D

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#8 Post by Eriann »

Hey :) I can't add much as I haven't had my op yet but wanted to wish you the best of luck, and a speedy recovery.

Take is as easy as you can anyway - and if I were you I'd beg, borrow or steal a little help for the second week also. A couple of hours of baby sitting in the afternoon so you can catch up on some sleep might be a just what you need - depending on how well your 2 month old and you are sleeping.

I'm scheduled to have exactly the same op as you when my baby is 6 months - and my eldest is 6 - so while it's not nearly as much as you have to contend with - I do sympathize with you. 'Though I'm sure you're excited about getting the op done also! Congrats :D

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#9 Post by LemnzestManatee »

I was wheeled into the operating room at 8 am and I didn't leave my bed until around 4-5 pm. After that I was able to get up to go to the bathroom, walk around, ect for very short periods of time. Going back into my casual clothes to leave the hospital took longer than it usually does because you run out of energy quickly. When I got home I slept a lot and I couldn't stay awake for more than a few hours. I managed to take a shower, but I had to sit down in the tub halfway through. xD
I pretty much hung out in bed for the first week. The next week I went to a friend's house and I was able to go to the store, but I did have to stop and sit down every 20-30 min.
Now, nearly 3 weeks post-op I have a lot more energy compared to the first week. I went with my mom and brother to Toys R Us last sunday, and I've gone to friend's houses several times. I am pretty much never laying down during the day (however, if a moment of unrelenting boredom strikes, I do get sleepy).

Believe me, after the first week, you'll be itching to get out of the house regardless of how you feel. xD

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