Do people normally lose weight after surgery?

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i didnt lose any weight really. i mean i lost a ton the first few days but i was basically right back to normal within a week or two.

the first few days i didnt eat anything at all really. i tried but ugh my throat was so sore from the breathing tube that was lodged in there for 5 hrs.

snacking was the hard part for me like chicago(sp?) mentioned. at first it was tons of yogurts. those gogurts were awesome because they were so easy and quick. i had like 3-4x of those things per day. had a slimfast type drink which was a quick 220 calories for breakfast. then i made soups etc.

macaroni and cheese, spaghetti, etc are good meals to make ~2 weeks after surgery but before that it's pretty much soups and shakes.

i started at 205 and i feel like im 200 now or so i think. not bad i think (im 6'5")
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In the hospital I lost 4 pounds and I was only in overnight. Right now I am three weeks post op and I have lost a total of 13 pounds. The first couple weeks I was only able to have chicken broth and ensure. Now I am up to scrambled eggs and very overcooked noodles. I still have three weeks until I can eat what ever I want to.

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I lost a total of 10lbs through out the surgery and recooperation stage. HOWEVER I gained weight. I didn't want to look sickly

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