Canine Exposure Surgery Today

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Canine Exposure Surgery Today

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I had both upper canines (#6 and #11) exposed today at 8 am. This was the first surgery I had EVER had so I was very apprehensive. They took me back where the asst and surgeon himself got me all set up, started my IV and gave me the medication (I beleive it was Versed). I went to sleep and remember waking up at some point and opening my eyes and he gave me some more medicine. The next thing i knew, he woke me up and they took me into recovery. My face was horribly swollen at the time, they wrapped my head in one of those wraps like u see the stars in after plastic surgery! I looked hilarious! The only uncomfortableness I felt was in the roof of my mouth but I found out later that was because it was the back side of where they had done the exposure of one of my teeth.

The recovery nurse suggested my sister (who was so nice to take me) got and get me a shake on the way home and once I get home to change out the gauze. The doctor came back in and said the exposure went well and the teeth have good movement and he thinks I have a great chance of pulling them down.

I got home, it was time to change out the gauze, and sneak a peek. Wow, I have what looks like they cut out a window and exposed what little of the tooth you could see as it was impacted fairly high and put a bracket or button on it. There is a gold chain that is attached to my button and braces that my ortho will slowly pull down. As of right now, I am taking my antibiotics and ibuprofen as prescribed. I have only taken one vicodin so far when the numbing wore off but that was 5 hrs ago and I am doing great! The incisions have already stopped bleeding so the gauze is out. The doctor (himself) called me to check on me and reminded me not to overdo it when I sounded so excited about feeling so good.

Just hoped sharing the story would help alleviate someones apprehension if you have this surgery coming up. Please feel free to message me if you have any questions. I cant wait for them to come down, wish me luck. I will post photos soon. :lol:
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Surgery 03/06/09 for exposure of teeth # 6 & #11

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Re: Canine Exposure Surgery Today

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Hey Holly0841, I just had my exposing and bonding surgery done a week ago I only have #6 impacted but I was just wondering how your progress is doin? :tingrin: Thanks!

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