My daughter had double jaw surgery and it has all gone wrong!

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#91 Post by monarch » Wed Jul 22, 2009 1:12 am

:jump: :jump: :jump: :jump: :jump: :jump: :jump: I am so happy to hear about your daughter's successful surgery! :jump: :jump: :jump: :jump: :jump: :jump: :jump:

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#92 Post by Jane » Wed Jul 22, 2009 11:41 am

Hi Monarch. Good to hear from you. I hope your son is doing well and is happy. Thank you for sharing in our good news about the successful surgery. She's doing very well but it will be some time before we can see the results due to swelling and changes to soft tissue after the two surgeries. There was still some swelling from the first surgery when she had the second surgery and the surgeon told us to expect changes to take place for up to 1 year. She is just one of those people who takes longer to heal, but we are positive and thankful and we know we've done all we can now and are content to leave the rest in God's hands. We've a follow up appointment tomorrow - such a different experience this time round. I wish you and your son all the very best. Take care. God bless xx :D

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#93 Post by Jane » Thu Jul 23, 2009 9:19 am

Well we had our second follow up appointment today and it went really well. The surgeon is very happy with how she's progressing. He shared with us his particular interest in how the space between her nose and top lip had lengthened after the first surgery. He said he had studied the xrays and said that space prior to the first surgery was 25mm and after the second surgery it measured 27mm, He said that he had also noticed that her nose appeared to sit too far up since the second surgery - we knew immediately what he meant as this had really stressed me when I looked at photographs of her - it was just not a good look at all. He said that this was because her top lip was having to stretch so much to cover the over corrected top jaw. Anyway, the GREAT news is that he measured the space from her nose to top lip today and it now measures 24mm - believe me you wouldn't believe how much difference this makes to her appearance. She is still very swollen and it still looks so much better than pre-surgery. He did say again that because of the trauma due to 2 surgeries the area around her top jaw will take some time to return to normal and the swelling might persist for some time. But, I can't say how thankful we are to him and his team for their work. He also said that he doesn't think she's going to need too much orthodontic work as her bite is good and her teeth look in good position too - and that all being well her braces should be off in no time. How amazing is that! :D God bless xx

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#94 Post by changes09 » Thu Jul 23, 2009 11:48 am

YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so happy! I know you and your family are so freakin happy! :)
It's funny how things work out....readingthis thread in the begining and comparing it to now.....what a wonderful transformation. Things are going so good right now. Plus she wont have to have braces that long! That's a bonus!

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#95 Post by Jane » Thu Jul 23, 2009 4:00 pm

thank you changes09 :D btw I meant to my daughter's nose was too far up following the FIRST surgery not the second surgery, but I'm sure you all gathered that!

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#96 Post by blindboarder2008 » Thu Jul 23, 2009 7:56 pm

Yay:D I'm happy everything is going good in your daughter recover and that is awesome she will get her braces off soon!!!! good news all the way around and you definetly deserve this type of news right now!!!!!!
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#97 Post by lebron85 » Fri Jul 24, 2009 1:30 am

Great to hear. This news actually made my day! All the best with recovery and I'm sure everything will work out just fine and dandy!! :)

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#98 Post by Jane » Fri Jul 24, 2009 10:46 am

Thank you so much Lebron85 and blindboarder. Hope you're both well. God bess xx

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#99 Post by kellix » Tue Jul 28, 2009 4:22 am

This post has been SO helpful for me,prob. the most helpful thing ive read since I had all this happen.I went through all the same things I'm taking notes on how you handled it.
Jane wrote:Hi Peggysue and sauerkraut - thank you for your kind words. As I've said before, i have my moments when I want to scream with frustration... today was one of those...

We had the follow up meeting with the original team. Even after having received a letter from our independent professor, they just couldn't bring themselves to say that the outcome of the surgery was not what was intended. Today, however, they decided to take a different approach...rather than trying to confuse us like they did the last time, they said they couldn't really comment as neither of them were there when the surgery was carried out (i.e. in the theater!! :roll: ). They didn't therefore, know if the surgeon had decided to do something that wasn't planned - they just ouldn't comment. UNBELIEVABLE! We asked if the movements planned - clearly written down on the notes - were achieved, and the new surgeon said he didn't know, he hadn't studied them! When we said that we couldn't understand then what his role was now - in our view she had been passed over to him and was he then saying he hadn't given her any thought or time?! All he could say was I wasn't involved in planning or carrying out the surgery. It was apparent that they are both very keen to pass her on to the new team in a different location.

What was most distressing today was to hear my daughter explaining to them the impact this was having on her and expressing her concern as to why they just couldn't acknowledge that they understood why she was concerned with the outcome. But, they just refused to acknowledge the fact that it was not a good outcome. In fact the orthodontist said in his view it was 99% good. At that point I just said hold on a minute are you serious - and asked the surgeon did he agree with that. His reply was I didn't say that, and then the orthodontist said, well maybe I was too hasty - perhaps it's 90-95% good. I asked him to put that in writing in the notes and then to provide us with a copy - we'll see!

I just can't understand how two professional people can be so cold and calculated in their dealings with a young girl who is so obviously distressed. Even the nurse assisting was shaking her head in disbelief.

The orthodontists final word was "I just hope you are not back here in 6 months, you know, because the surgeon didn't or couldn't do what he has said". My response to him was "no matter what is the outcome of the second surgery the responsibility for all of this remains with this team - there would be no second surgery if the first one had been done correctly". I also reminded them both of the trust's mission statement which is to treat patients in the way we would want our families treated. I asked them to take time to ask themselves honestly if they would be happy if their daughter, wife or sister had received the treatment, care and support she had.

On a positive note, it seems likely that the surgery can be done sooner without the additional orthodontic work - this is really good news for her.

We're not sure what are the next steps. We will contact the new surgeon on Monday and see where we go from there. She is lying sleeping as I write this before we leave her to the airport to go back to university (as she has exams next week.) To be honest I think she will have to take a year out of university next year, even if the surgery is done in June as she is emotionally exhausted. We had a good chat to day as a family, and I think we came to the decision that it would probably be too stressful to launch straight into a year abroad so soon after surgery...she said she has been coming to terms with this in her mind - there is some reason for it I'm sure. We will just keep trusting God to work things out for her ultimate good and ours. For anyone who is familiar with the bible...Romans 8 v 28 is one of my favourite verses, it is a great comfort in all of this.

Thank you all for your good wishes. God bless, Jane xx

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#100 Post by Jane » Tue Jul 28, 2009 12:42 pm

Kellix, (this is Jane's daughter who had the surgery) - I am SO sorry to hear that you went through the same thing. I've seen my mum on this forum loads throughout this ordeal, and have just started to use it myself, it's so helpful to read about other people's experiences. I wanted to reply in person to you because I really feel for what you're going through.

I never felt uncomfortable in my own skin until I embarked on this journey, and now I can't remember what it feels like to be happy with my smile or the shape of my face! I have spent the last 6 months (since my first surgery)doing the same as you- avoiding cameras, covering my mouth with my hand when I laugh or smile, and just feeling very self conscious in general - it's simply awful, and no one should have to live like that!

It seems that for both of us, we ended up with more problems than we had to start with. Now that I am through my second surgery, (3weeks ago tomorrow) I have to wait for swelling to go down to see if i'm fully happy with the outcome. Already I know that the distance between my nose and upper lip has already decreased by 3mm, thanks to the bone being moved backward. I am hoping the prominence in that area will have gone too. I'm pretty sure I'm showing less gum at the top too,seeing as the jaw was moved up, but as I can't really smile yet- it's hard to say! j

What is the solution they have proposed? And when did you have your first surgery? All I would say to you is be as sure as you can that the new surgeon knows the outcome YOU want, AND that he is ABLE to give it to you. (Sorry if this is obvious-it wasn't to me initially, and I also appreciate that it's almost impossible to trust a surgeon again after what has happened or to know for sure if it'll work out.) The best thing I did was to go to one of the most highly respected surgeons in the UK for his opinion....he told me what needed to be done, and who he would trust to do it.

Again I am SO SO sorry to hear of your situation, and I hope and pray you find a solution that will ensure that you get the outcome you so want. I know how distressed you must feel, and I hope you're surrounded yourself with people that will encourage you and keep you positive. Don't know where i'd be without my mum fighting for me. DON'T GIVE UP!!!!! :D

Sorry for the long post....hope it's some help.
Love and prayers, Emma

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#101 Post by chicago29 » Tue Jul 28, 2009 6:02 pm

I've been tracking this post for months, but I have to say that now I must clear the air on some items here.

First and foremost, I truly sympathize with individuals that do not like their outcomes. I cannot imagine how painful that is. This surgery is absolute hell to recover from, and to find out your outcome is not to your liking has to be so frustrating. I wish nobody had to go through something like that.

However, the statement made above is not healthy. The statement I am referring to is: "I wish like anything that I just had a chin implant because those who i've seen in before/after photos look FAR better than anyone who has had ortho surgery.I just don't see many good results with this surgeryand ive looked at hundreds and hundreds of before/afters,great bites but the faces look wrong/uglier."

That statement is pure opinion, and is flat out false. This board is LOADED with people that are ecstatic with their results, and would go through it 100 times over. If this erroneous statement was based in any fact, this board would be jammed with people that have had poor results. That simply is not the case.

The bottom line is this...This surgery changes the way you look. It can take people months or even years to get comfortable with that change. While I can agree that there are situations where mistakes have been made by surgeons, that is absolutely the minority of cases.

My advice is if you are at all concerned about the facial changes that will be caused by this surgery, you absolutely must talk about this with your surgeon so that he/she can plan accordingly. I do agree that their view of an ideal bite and jaw structure may not be something you are comfortable with. They should be able to speak intelligently about the changes you will experience, and you must evaluate what that means and work with your OS to determine if alternatives are available.

Once again, my intent is not to argue with anybody, nor do I want to suggest that mistakes are not possible.

But let's stick to the facts here to help the people that truly have not made up their minds. The fact is, in a vast majority of cases carried out by a board certified maxillofacial surgeon that has experience in orthognathic surgery, both occlusion and facial structure and profiles are VASTLY improved both functionally and aesthetically. Contradicting that statement is pure opinion and is not based in any sort of medical fact.

My very best wishes to those that have not had a good outcome. I hope that you are able to find a qualified surgeon to give you an outcome that you are happy with.


PS: For full disclosure, I am planning to have bi-maxillary surgery sometime in 2010, and this is after a SARPE/MSDO procedure I had done in February 2009.




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#102 Post by Jane » Wed Jul 29, 2009 1:19 am

Hello Jane here.

First of all can I say my heart breaks for you Kerrie. You have clearly been traumatised by the ordeal you've being going through since your surgery. I've been praying for you that you will find a solution to your problem and if our experience can help you towards that end, that will make us all very happy. As my daughter said in her post, you must not give up and you must explore all of the options.

I can understand why you feel the way you do about orthognathic surgery after your ordeal and you have obviously been going through this for some time, but I would say to you please don't to rule further jaw surgery out as it might be the very solution to your problem. You've been living a nightmare since your first surgery and you need to receive advice from people who've had good outcomes but also from people who've had bad experiences (actually where surgeons have been negligent) and have come through and found solutions - just take time to explore everything and as I say make sure you are confident with the people you are working with.

Also, you must know that it is absolutely your right to question what has been done to you. It is so important that you get the answers you need as it is so easy to blame yourself and for other people to blame you too, and to make you feel you are making a big deal because you simply don't like what has been done. We had to keep telling our daughter it's not simply that she doesn't like the outcome (i.e. she is hard to please!) - IT WAS DONE WRONG - and it was NEVER the intended outcome!. Once you have evidence to back this up you will begin to feel better. She now knows this is not a problem she created and it is NOT her fault - of course she doesn't like the result, the procedure was carried out wrong! Now you you must not give up until you have all of the answers you need and have explored every option to finding a solution.

So now Kerrie, you must move forward and find a team (surgeon and orthodontist) you can work with and who are committed to finding a solution that works for you. You will need friends/family to support you in this? This is very important. Also, it might be helpful to talk to someone professionally about how you are coping emotionally. Our daughter has had the benefit of my husband who works in the mental health field and he has been able to help her work through the feelings and emotions she's been experiencing. I think it would be good for you to be able to talk through all of the feelings you are experiencing.

Please know that there are many wonderful people on this message board who have been a tremendous support to us in all of this and we and they are here for you.

Please take care of yourself and keep in touch with us about your progress - you will get through this and smile again My prayers are with you. God bless xx Jane

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#103 Post by Jane » Wed Jul 29, 2009 1:23 am

KELLIX - so sorry for calling your KERRI I do this all the time with names. Now you'll always be KERRI to me! :)

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#104 Post by Jane » Mon Aug 17, 2009 3:46 pm

Just wanted to update everyone on Em's progress. She's doing really well and the OS is very pleased with progress as are we. :D She's decided, however, that she is going to take a year out of university. This was to be her year abroad as she's a language student, but this whole saga has really taken a lot out of her physically (blood tests show she's low in iron and thyroid not functioning normally) and emotionally she's still not back to herself. So our own GP has advised her to take the year out and get herself completely well before she goes off half way round the world! She's relieved (as are we) that she's made the decison now and is going to concentrate on getting herself well.

Thank you all so much for your good wishes and support in all of this - believe me it has been such a lifeline - I can hardly bare to think of how I felt when I first posted on the site back in March. So thank you all and I hope that we can return this support to others.

I'll keep you posted on her progress (still early days but going in the right direction). We will post some photgraphs - she's just not ready for that yet. :) God bless and every good wish for happiness. xx

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Re: My daughter had double jaw surgery and it has all gonewr

#105 Post by Kathleen Clifford » Tue Jun 19, 2012 11:02 am

i am glad everything went well for your daughter i am having the same problem could you give me the name of a good surgeon

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