Post-Op Rubber bands

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Post-Op Rubber bands

#1 Post by ZmaN277 »

Very quick question, but I wasn't sure if it's personal preference or a set procedure.

After the surgery— I know you get wired shut (Heavy rubber bands) for two weeks, and then roughly 8 weeks of light rubber bands (Allowing you to chew and such).

My question is, are the light rubber bands in the front of the teeth, or on the sides. I'm just assuming the heavy are in the front.



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#2 Post by Figamentation »

As has been said, everyone that I've talked to has had a different experience with their rubber bands. Placement, resistance and duration all are on a case by case basis that is determined by your results and your surgeons healing plan for you. I'm very tightly banded with square and triangle shapes in several places, and next week they are going to change them around again most likely (and no removal in the interim for me, they stay put).

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#3 Post by gatorseh »

I'm not sure of all of the "lingo" but I can give you my experience with elastics (I had a one piece Le Fort and BSSO):

Two weeks of light elastics (rectangular shape, connecting canines to the tooth next to them and then down)

Two weeks of medium elastics in a parallelogram shape (canines to the tooth back and down) & could take them off when eating and cleaning

Three weeks of medium elastics in a triangle shape from canine down to the two teeth below & could take them off when eating and cleaning

Three weeks of the last combination but only at night

Ten weeks and I am done with them now! :)

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#4 Post by Thathrill »

Rubber bands very from person to person. I had mid line issues so I was banded moderately for 2 weeks. At my follow up my midline was still a bit off so I was heavily banded for 3 more weeks. All bands were off for a week and then I was banded moderately for 4 weeks. My midline was extremely stubborn, annoying, AND painful.
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Meryaten wrote:This is something that varies on a surgeon by surgeon and case by case basis. For example, if I remember rightly, Brandyleigh went home post-op with no bands whatsoever
Hm, I just looked this up and it seems like she didn't have bands because she had some other kind of fixation. My boyfriend has just come home with no bands though and a slightly crooked jaw. Apparently the surgeon is going to fit the bands about a week after the surgery instead (I think he said to allow for slight spasms or something!). So yeah, it seems to vary considerably.

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