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medications & surgery

#1 Post by suetemi »

I have a question...
I'm supposed to get started on an antidepressant soon, and I'm also expecting to have surgery sometime late next month. Is it OK to start taking meds before surgery like this? I'm worried it's going to somehow interfere with all the surgery-related meds I'll be having to take and also the anesthesia. Is it worth putting the antidepressants on hold til after surgery?

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#2 Post by Emaciated »

I was on xanax going into surgery and they okay'd it. Good to check nonetheless or at least let the anesthesiologist (sp?) know ahead of time so they don't find out the day of and postpone.

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#3 Post by Emaciated »

I don't think you would've gotten me in the door without it.

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#4 Post by loulou123 »

Id just make sure you tell the anesthioligist as Karl says, last thing you want is them postponing the op.

I was on anti anxiety drugs before op, and they were fine, tho did have a few side effects with pain relief, so definately check in advance.

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