banded completely shut again after 4 weeks

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banded completely shut again after 4 weeks

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I had a mandibular opsteotomy on october 18th to correct my open bite. Everything was going very well, in fact this last week I was using a spoon and eating purees and soft stuff that I could mash on the roof of my mouth.

Today at my weekly follow up, my doc rebanded me VERY tight, so much that I cant open my mouth one bit! He said in 2 more weeks i will get the bands off but he wanted to make sure everything was "solid" when he did so. There were no problems what so ever, my bite was perfect, healing is going well, no pain, no swelling anymore. I'm so confused why he would do this now! I was so happy with being able to open wider and use spoons finally. Im very upset to say the least. Every week he has rebanded me, and each time it felt real tight at first but as I drove home the bands adjusted to my mouth temperature and I was able to open up some, so I didnt realize the severity of my banding until I was already on the road home.

Has anyone else had this happen? Getting shut completely after 4 weeks of great heling? Im really considering calling the office tomorrow to ask if I can get it back to how it was last week. My brother says im being big baby, but this is very emotional to have to revert back to complete liquids and talking through my teeth. Plus im going to new york next week and I cannot imagine my vacation having to search for liquids that I can suck through my teeth.

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That does seem a bit extreme to me, especially if you are healing without any problems. Although, everybody's doctor seems to be different. Some are wired shut, some are banded for varying amounts of time, some have nothing at all. Are you allowed to take the bands off to eat? Maybe you could ask is it's alright to do that, especially since you'll be travelling?

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