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On the other side

#1 Post by Sasha »

Hi all,
I recently found this forum right before my surgury and i have to say the information i found here is invaluable to me. This is my second day after surgery and my first day out the hospital and i have NO PAIN KILLERS. there was some kind of mix up in the dosage at the hospital and they wont fill the prescription at the pharmacy. So now i have to wait untill tomorrow after 12 to pick them up

I have to say being unable to talk has given me a new perspective on how people deal with the infirm. Even the simplest things are now complex becasue i cant talk. Also my nose is still bleeding is that normal?

How do i post pics??

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#2 Post by FuzzyPants »

Hi Sasha,

Welcome to AW!
Try taking tylenol - liquid if you can't fit a tablet through your teeth. That might take the edge off the pain until you can have your prescription filled.

I'm assuming you had a Lefort and that is why your nose is bleeding? My nose did bleed the first day or two as well. It's normal, but remember not to blow your nose.

To post pictures, you need to post them on a site like photobucket. (Re-size them as they are being uploaded to the site from your computer.) Then copy and past the img file from photobucket to your message. There is a thread in the "How do I?" section that will have more details.
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#3 Post by gatorseh »

My nose bled as well the first and second day after my surgery (Le Fort and BSSO). No blowing! After 72 hours I was told I could use a q-tip soaked in saline to clean out the inside of my nose.

Happy Healing!

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#4 Post by Svensk Tiger »

Poor you, over the counter painkillers should help though. That's all I was given after my surgery I had paracetamol, codeine and ibuprofen. I have a feeling that codeine might only be available on prescription in the US but the others should help until you can get your prescription. Nose bleeding is also normal after upper jaw surgery, though it can be a bit scary!
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#5 Post by Sasha »

Ok so i uploaded the pics. Thanks guys for all the help and advice. I will try to move my mouth more since i wasnt moving it at all. And i will try to resit blowing my nose! Still no word on my pain killers yet so i have just been taking advil
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#6 Post by Court84 »

Welcome to the other side! Yes, I had nose bleeds the first and second day after. It's normal. **Sending healing thoughts your way!**

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#7 Post by Nadan »

I had nose bleeds for about 4 days...with the bleeding getting less by each day. I coughed up a lot of blood for 2 weeks straight...it got really annoying, one minute I would be talking, next minute I had blood in my mouth. It's just a short phase that is expected.

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#8 Post by phil »


Congratulations. You did it!

Those nosebleeds are normal. I couldn't bend over without having one for at least five days!

Hang in there!

Keep up with rest, plenty of fluids, good nutrition, and very light exercise (easy walking) as you feel able.

All the best, and keep us posted!

Be well, and at peace,

There are no ordinary moments.
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#9 Post by Sasha »

Hi Guys,
Thanks for all the well wishes and healing thoughts i really apreciate it. I have been crazy cranky for the past couple of days but im feeling much better now.

I was taking alieve for the pain but read somewhere that this might casue problems with my recovery so i called the docs office today and they are going to see what they can do with regard to my meds
thanks for all the support guys i reallly apreciate it!

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