numbness in chin/lip causing dryness of skin??

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numbness in chin/lip causing dryness of skin??

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So I've been thinking....

9 weeks later, my chin is just as dry as ever! Seems no moisturizer will help. On top of that, I think I've gone through 2 tubes in 9 weeks of Blistex Medicated Chapstick and my bottom lip is sooo chapped and dry!!!

Any suggestions?

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see your dermatologist and drink tons of water!

I had the weirdest skin problems after my surgery, which my derm. said was probably side effects from the anesthesia. I had super dry dry that the skin on my face would crack like the desert floor!! yet, my face would be super oily at the same time (sounds weird, right?) I also had a lot of redness on my face. My lips are still chapped all the time..tons of Neosporin brand chapstick and my Body Shop hemp chapstick have been working pretty good though.

For the dry skin on my face, my dermatologist put me on a steriod cream for 2 weeks. really did the job! After the two weeks, I was put on (and im still on) tetracycline for acne (which got worse after my surgery) and the redness. Seems to be helping so far.

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