another surgery after broken jaw?

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another surgery after broken jaw?

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I am new here. I just came from the ortho who sent me to get a cat scan on my jaw. I broke both sides and my chin 1 1/2 yrs ago. I have major jaw pain, locking, etc. Problem is I keep breaking teeth which had been pretty much all crowned after the accident. I wanted ortho to just re-align my jaw. After seeing the scan today I am pretty sure I will be sent in for another surgery. My left jaw the round part doesn't even go into the top curved part, it sits to the side! It is like the doctor forgot to put it back after I fell!! I am totally freaking out. I really don't know if I can go through any more months of being wired up. That was a total hell of a summer for me.
Has anyone ever heard of having surgery again after breaking your jaw? Then on top of that they said after the surgery, ortho will be brought in.

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I'm not really sure about it. I know there are some cases in Orthgnathic surgery where they have to re-do some if the bone goes back into place, etc.

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