Orthognathic surgery

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Orthognathic surgery

#1 Post by qwertyy »

Just some questions i would like to ask about Orthognathic surgery..

1. What are the chances of this surgery failing? By failing i mean something goes bad and it looks even worst than before :(

2. What is the maximum amount of time it takes for it to recover?

3. Are the screws or metal materials they put in going to stay inside our mouths, or will they eventually be removed?

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#2 Post by ohmyjaw »

1. There are rare instances of failure. You need to discuss this one with your surgeon, but there are a couple people on this forum who have had to go back for a second surgery because it didn't work the first time.

2. Usually you are off work/school for 2 -3 weeks. It can take longer than that, sometimes months, to feel 100% recovered.

3. They stay in forever unless you have problems with them. Infection, for example.

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