Anyone in Winnipeg, Manitoba?

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Anyone in Winnipeg, Manitoba?

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I just got my braces yesterday and have my first surgical consultation next Monday. Having just moved to Winnipeg from Toronto earlier in the year, I'm not sure of the costs I can expect to incur with having the surgery done here.

I'm doing all of this out of my own pocket with no private insurance.

In addition, what are some of the most important questions/concerns and information that I should be asking about during my consultation? Any tips from others would be very, very appreciated as I'm midly terrified.

My orthodontist presumes it will be lower jaw surgery to bring it forward.

Thanks! Looking forward to meeting new people and offering my support when you need it.

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#2 Post by ohmyjaw »

Hi Carrie,

I had my surgery in BC, also without any insurance, and the cost was $7000. But I had both jaws done, so if you're just having the lower worked on, it should be less expensive.

You should ask whatever you want - no question is too big or too trivial. I asked things such as: what will the actual surgery entail, how will my appearance change, how long will I be in the hospital, what are potential complications, will I be in pain, how long does swelling last, will my jaw be wired shut, how do you eat after surgery, and how long do I have to stay home from work. The biggest issue for me was whether I would look different after surgery, and in what way. Of course, everyone's questions will be different, depending on their situation, but hopefully this is a start.

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Hello Carrie, I live in Saskatchewan, so not too far from where you live. First of all, good job on getting braces, hope things go very smoothly for you. I am having my jaw moved forward as well so I know how you must feel to be going to see a surgeon. Don't be terrified! Your surgeon will probably be nicer than you expect. Before you go, think of all the questions and concerns you have, write them down even just so you don't forget.

For me, part of my surgery is covered. (I am also getting my chin done so that is the part not covered by the government, as it is more for cosmetic reasons than for function) But if your surgery is for functional reasons, I think it will most likely be covered.

Hope I was of help!

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