time off work

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time off work

#1 Post by candycin »

i am having my second sets of moulds done on monday and then after they get shipped to the surgeon i will get a date for surgery.
i am having both lower and upper jaw done
how long should i take off work? I have a home daycare so i have a house full of kids. I was told two weeks by the dr but wanted to see what other people say that have actually had the sugery done

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#2 Post by ohmyjaw »

I had both jaws done and I could have worked after two weeks, if I had to. (I was unemployed at the time). But three weeks would have been ideal. I would have been fine at two weeks, but I had problems when I stopped taking morphine for pain - I couldn't sleep! So I was exhausted. Of course, this is what happens when you take morphine for a while. Your body goes through withdrawl when you stop.

Anyways, if you are running a daycare on your own, I would say take three weeks if you can, just to be on the safe side!

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#3 Post by Andantae »

Hi Candycin~

I would plan on 3 weeks, too. If you are feeling better, great, but it's nice to have the extra time in case you do need it.

One thing to consider which impacted me a great deal were all the weight lifting restrictions. First 3 weeks, I think I could only lift 10 lbs, by next post op check up it was 20, then 30 lbs. I live on a farm and was amazed at how much I lift/carry in a given day not to mention just a bag of groceries or a basket of clothes a picking up a cat or dog.

I don't know the ages of the children in your daycare, but that might be something to keep in mind, too!
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#4 Post by Thathrill »

I only had BSSO set back and I took 2 weeks off as I had to go back to work unfortunately. I wish I could have had at least 3 weeks. Pain and strength wise, I was fine in the second week but having an extra 3rd week would have been nice.

Since you are having more done, Id say 3-4weeks should be sufficient. I tend to heal fairly quickly
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#5 Post by badbite »

candycin, I have not had my surgery yet, but I will need at least upper advancement, and I am not sure about lower yet. I went to the OS today who said "soon". My next appointment will be in January and I am hoping to have surgery by next summer if things go well.

I do home daycare in my home and am worried about taking time off. I would love to hear about your expereince doing daycare after surgery. I feel that no one understands the stresses of home daycare except others who are doing it themselves. I know it is very hard to get time off. I will not get paid, and I am worried that after taking three weeks off I will get any kids back (that is along time to find temp. daycare). PM me anytime.


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