EXTRACTIONS!! are they really necessary?

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EXTRACTIONS!! are they really necessary?

#1 Post by Chriselgil »

I started my treatment a month ago (im very excited). My orthodontist said I had to have 2 pre molars removed in my lower jaw. I am still a bit upset about it (I have a bunch of teeth all pilled up against each other so it was a bit obvious that the braces themselves were not going to do the magic). I am not sure whether this is a normal procedure or not. Will the spaces be filled soon? Im sooo concerned about it! also, a molar in my upper side is touching another tooth (I dont know the name, sorry) in the lower side and I am not sure what to expect. I cant eat properly because it is painful. Did anyone of you go through something similar?
thanks a lot everyone!! :wink:

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#2 Post by Marchdel »

three of my sisters each had to get four teeth extracted to make space. i think its a fairly normal procedure for some patients to get extractions.

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#3 Post by OzzysMom »

When I was a teen getting ready for my braces(the first round), I had 4 pre molars removed in order to relieve crowding in my mouth. After ortho, my teeth all came together nicely.
Over 30 years later when I was preparing for my 2nd round of orthodontics, I had to have all 4 wisdom teeth removed. I think pre-ortho extractions are quite common. In a very short time, you won't even know you had those teeth.
Good luck to you!
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#4 Post by jmrut22 »

Sometimes- YES. I begged and pleaded to not have 4 teeth removed. 1rst Bicuspids, but in the end there was just no way that I had room in my mouth for my teeth. I put my braces on then 6 weeks later had the teeth pulled. I guess I just needed some reassurance about the braces moving my teeth. I do not regret it now- Yes I would have loved to keep them in the end but it just wasnt going to work.
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#5 Post by Kerry »

I was braced 7 months ago and i also needed two premolars extracted, dont worry the gaps will close im only just starting that process now !

i have 4 mm gap to close and have just had power chains fitted so hopefully they close quickly.

My premolars where from the lower jaw too im having a BSSO
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#6 Post by Lily »

I had to have 4 2nd premolars and all 4 wisdom teeth extracted. I had them all done at once under general anaesthetic and believe me I was terrified about it for months
If I had known that it really wasn't as bad as I was expecting then I would have relaxed a little!

I got my braces about 3 weeks ago and I have springs pushing the top holes closed at the moment, I can already feel the gaps closing, we're not closing the bottom gaps yet but to look at me no one would even know I had any extractions.

All the best for your journey :)

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#7 Post by samantha86 »

extractions are not always needed. in my case the othodontist gave me the option of ether having 4 teeth extracted or to have mini screws screwed into my jaw after a year of straightening my teeth and then pull my teeth back into the jaw, lol , that doesnt make a hell of a lot of sense.
i have found it really hard researching this procedure, i havent found anyone yet who is having this exactly like me.
the type of screws i am getting are INIFINITAS MINI IMPLANTS.
unfortunatly my treatment is slightly more expensive than having teeth extracted as the screws are titanium and these type are fairly new as far as im aware.
to put it in another way the orthodontist is basically pushing all my teeth forward to line up with my sticking out ones (to see pics visit my blog http://samsbraces.blogspot.com/ )
which will make me look slightly goofey he said , lol! , a bit off putting. but after a year these screws will be fitted to bring everything back then they will be done,:) without any extractions what so ever even tho my teeth are quite crooked and squashed .

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