PRE & POST-OP SUPPLY LIST---add your list or ideas

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Wow Andantae! That is quite a list you've got going on there - really great for anyone needing to prepare! I did something similar on my blog though it's not as exhaustive as this one.

By the way can you or someone else tell please what on earth is a sticky? :?
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what is zip n sqeeze? is that something i can buy in canada?
reading these lists actually scare me more
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The oral syringe i use for eating. Does not get stuck like the all clear ones but only allowed to be used 30 times ... CC964A01E5

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Does anyone in the UK know anywhere that sells heat or ice packs for the face? At this point I don't know what will be provided for me anyway, but I can't really find anywhere that sells stuff like jaw bras or ice/heat packs here.

I'm trying to reduce swelling this time round, because when I had SARME I was one swollen mess :?
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Duh! I buy all my books from Amazon but didn't think to look there for this stuff :lol:

I suppose if I did buy any ice or heat packs it'd be a case of holding it on my face. I imagine I'll get pretty annoyed having to hold it all the time.
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At the hospital I was in they tied the packs round your face with bandages. More cumbersome than a jaw bra but it did the job. The gel packs were supplied by the hospital, but I don't know how it is in the UK. Once I got back home I used my own gel packs (which I got from Aldi when they were on offer) and held them in place with the old muslin squares I have left over from when the children were small (my goodness, the uses I've found for those humble pieces of cloth over the years!!).

If you do buy gel packs and they don't come with a cover you'll need to cover them with some kind of cloth as you don't want the plastic right next to your skin. I fashioned something out of a faithful old muslin square again when I lost one of my covers.

It would be a shame to do that with the Mr Man though as you wouldn't see his face :lol:
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In terms of vitamins, I recommend:

* L-glutamine and Arginine: together, they provide optimal healing. The arginine can be found in powder form such as Arginaid (Resource). The glutamine can be found in Nestle's Impact Glutamin (that comes with Omega 3 for anti-inflammation)/ or GlutaSolve (Resource).

* Zing = 220 mg ZincSulfate; there is only 50 mg of elemental zinc. But zinc is known to aid w/ wound healing process. I usually do not recommend past 14 days of supplementation, some MDs will allow up to 1 month. Prolong use will interfere with Copper, which too aids w/ wound healing. I recommend Zinc when it is suspected patients have a deficiency.

* Vitamin C supplements: 500 mg BID. Aids w/ collagen formation.

* Multivitamin for other vitamins not adequately consumed through diet.

Perhaps the RDs at your hospital can hook you up and have the MDs rx for you during your stay? Keep in mind, the vitamins are standardly recommended by RDs for bed ulcers - the variety in which they are recommended are dependent on the staging of the wound, though.

There are plenty of other approaches that I have read that are holistic in approach, although not much scientific evidence to support them. My background is scientific-evidenced based practice, although I am open minded to other approaches.

Hope it helps!

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Is it recommended to use hot or cold packs on face have heard hat cold can effect blood flow???

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Does anyone know/can recommend some excercises to improve nerve healing in those numb areas of lip/chin , reduce swelling, open mouth bigger?


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Great thread, really useful :)

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Here's a Canadian (Ontario) list

To bring to hospital:
Book- something to keep you occupied pre-op.
Glasses if needed
paper and pencil to communicate
Your shirt should be button/zip front for leaving hospital.

The hospital supplies:
hospital gown
ice wraps - to take home
small syringe- to take home
nasal spray - to take home
appropriate food
TLC :)

OS supplied during pre-op visit:
Oral rinse
Mini toothbrush
2 small syringes
1 large syringe
(I have to say the best syringe was the one free from Shoppers Drug Mart)

After you're discharged you will need to get your meds:
-liquid antibiotics

Post-op supplies:
crushed ice
6 pillows
Protein enriched Boost or other meal replacement drink
Hammer or pill crusher
Medication schedule is helpful in the first days

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#27 Post by ColoradoGirl »

Many of these have been mentioned, but the ones that helped me most were:
- Cute jammies to change into the morning after the surgery: made me feel like a person again. I brought comfy slip-on shoes; they made me walk around the ward before letting me out, and I felt more secure in these than in slippers.
- White board + dry erase markers: easy to use even if you're shaky, and SO great for communicating with nursing staff, family, docs, etc. Also an extra washcloth to erase it.
- LOTS of Kleenex
- A doll or stuffed animal (from your childhood, if you still have one). I had a stuffed cat I hadn't paid any attention to in at least 15 years, but it was very comforting to have her with me. ;)

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I suggest to have someone with you in the post-op to help tidy up. If not, before you get knocked out tell the nurses that you want a nurse to be there for you who will tidy you up. You're gonna be bloody (nose and mouth), it would be hard for you to get up, you'd have to dress up before you go home.


- If you have long hair, braid it.
- Bring a container where you can drool/spit for after post-op. You will need it during the car ride. (a little cup will not help, a bigger container will)
- Wear a buttoned up shirt, and an easy to wear pants
- A roll of bounty paper towel because you're gonna be bloody and you need to clean that up
- Some Q-tips cotton swabs (when you wake up, your eyes would be filled with morning glory, and your nose would be a little bloody, these would help you clean them)
- Something to hold on to for comfort (pillow, stuffed toy, your man. In my case, I had my mom)
- Cellphone to text what you cannot say to the person next to you

Also, when driving home, tell the person who's driving to drive smoothly. Hospitals are usually far away from home. And go home when there's no rush hour if you can avoid it. If the hospital says go home anyway, nag. The driver would be breaking and accelerating, and dodging freaks who'd like to get first in line on the freeway.

- 3-4 bottles of SmartWater. Those water bottles have the little sucking top, and you can squeeze the bottle because it's plastic. So it's easy to drink from it. Just squeeze it and liquid will come out of it. One of them can be for water, one for ensure, one of salty liquids, and the other for sweet liquids.
- Have your handy drooling container with you at all times
- And your handy ice packets. I find the jaw bra ineffective because it's not cold enough. So what I did was I taped 2 rectangular ice packets on the inside and wrapped the bra around my face.
- Toothpick.
- A cookbook of soups with high calories and protein (make sure you buy this A WEEK BEFORE YOUR SURGERY, so you can prepare your food on time) because remember, you're gonna be drinking LIQUIDS only because only liquids can go through your wired mouth.
- Tylenol capsules. Break the capsules so you can get the powder out and mix with water for medication. Hospital usually will give you liquid medication.
- If you have long hair, tie it.

Remember, after day one of post-op start talking ;) it will help the nerves get back to working which will boost blood circulation thus heal wounds. Walk around the house so your body will use energy. If your body uses energy, it will send some energy to heal wounds as well. If you don't want to talk, just move your mouth.

Good luck ;) it's just a week of a mouth wired shut. You'll be fine.

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Re: PRE & POST-OP SUPPLY LIST---add your list or ideas

#29 Post by Sambo »

Hi everyone :)

I have my operation on the 19th Jan, this site is great, thanks for all the info!

Good luck to all with their up & coming surgeries!!! & to all of you post op!! Get better soon!

Luv'n stuff


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Re: PRE & POST-OP SUPPLY LIST---add your list or ideas

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I found 2 products. Plat y pus soft water bottle & babyfood by Ella's kitchen & Peter rabbit's organics.

This is not spam I lurk here. I've also considered posting my HEALTHY food options.

Finally I went to chowhound dot com and they have some really good suggestions regarding jaw surgery and making your food in courses so that you still get to eat a normal course meal to help with the psychological part of eating liquid foods.

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