August Surgery Dates

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me again!

i just got back form the doctor today and he gave me a paper on what hes going to be doing, now some of what hes doing may change because he hasnt took molds and more xrays (which will then tell him EXACTLY what he'll be doing the day of surgery). but if anyone one can help me on the "lingo" he used...

whats lefort I osteotomy mean? i tried looking it up.. :)

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#17 Post by Andantae »

Tortor, ema27, sec9, dittoxtina, edinburger

Best Wishes for you guys in August! Keep us posted on your progress.

mannab271- Not everyone has a catheter beyond the OR. It up to your OS. He can mostly likely tell you ahead of time whether you will be having one post op or not.

edinburger- You might want to consider letting your OS know about your cold. If it doesn't improve quickly, that can easily postpone a surgery not to mention the fact that you really don't want a 3 peice Le Fort with any sort of residual congestion and an immune system already taxed. This might be one of those situations where it's appropriate to prescribe antibiotics to make sure you are ready in a week.

dittoxtina- Meryaten (our forum moderator and Wizard of Orthognathic Wisdom Extrordinaire) has a wonderful diagram depicting the different LeFort procedures on her reference page. If you can't find her reference page and she doesn't come across this thread, maybe someone remembers where she posted it again just recently.
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2 days to go...

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thanks for the well wishes andantae-i am really starting to get nervous now.My poor kids have been snapped at abit too much today-i do keep apologising and giving them cuddles but im sure they must really hate me right now :(
I am angry with the situation i am in right now-i will be going to the hospital tommorrow at 5.45 ready to arrive there for 7.30.My surgery is on friday but they wanted me in for 7 in the morning and its easier to go in the night before.My husband is staying with the kids as there is no one to have them(school hols) and the next time i see them all is when i am being dropped off in a taxi on the sunday.(if all goes well)
I kinda feel like im facing this alone-i know my other half wishes with all his heart he could be with me as he knows i need him but the kids come first..
I am prepared a little for how i might feel straight after but at the same time im not... :?
Its my youngest 3rd birthday the day of the operation so we are celebrating it tommorrow instead..He will never know- and at least this way i get to eat the birthday cake...
They say waiting is worse i can relate to that!!!!!!!


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Andantae- thank you so much for the well wishes!

ema27- please don't feel alone! Not only do you have the love and support of your family, but you have all of us here who are going through/or have been through the surgery process.

With your surgery so close, you must be more or less freaking out!! :shock: haha I can totally relate. Whenever I think about my surgery, my stomach feels like I'm on a roller coaster! ughh nausea.

Although the hospital situation sounds disheartening, please try to be excited! You've waited 18 months for this surgery and what once seemed like forever away, is here! The waiting (which after this whole thing is over, will have been the worst part!) is finally over. In no time you'll be enjoying a lovely new bite and smile :D

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Tortor- thankyou for the kind words they meant alot. :D
I never thought id get so nervous -and im trying not to show it to my other half and my kids.Basically i am a wimp ! if i bang my head i want attention never mind jaw surgery!!!It just worries me that i wont get any attention straight away as im sure the hospital will do there best -but i am just another patient to them.Sounds selfish doesnt not meaning to sound like that.I will be so glad when im back at home on the road to recovery..


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Andantae - Thanks! I mentioned my cold to the hospital but apparently if it is quite mild and isn't a chest infection I should be OK - anaesthetist will have the final call next Tuesday. Do you think antibiotics would be worthwhile? I thought they wouldn't help against a cold since it's viral but I'm no doctor so maybe I am missing something.

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not much you can do for a viral infection. altho there's belief that ecchinacea, zinc losenges, chicken soup and vitamin c seem to help. But with the earlier 2, you are to take them at the onset of a cold (first 12-24 hours of the first symptom) I would just increase your fluids and get lots of rest.
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#23 Post by dittoxtina »


that helped. pics are painful just looking at
now i know what what they mean. moving my top jaw forward.

btw..does anyonw know if doctors can show you what your gonna look like after surgery? kinda wondering about that, i guess i could just ask my but i wanna thank everyone on this site.. To me, asking questions and reading everyone elses questions makes me feel better about surgery, makes me feel prepared, when your in your doctors office sometimes you forget to ask certain questions, or you dont even think of some things but then you read em on here. :)

best wishes to all!!!!!!

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